You know those weeks that aren't necessarily busy, yet they are frustrating and slow (or frustratingly slow) and just exhausting? Yeah, this was one of those weeks. I definitely can't wait to relax and regroup. A few hopeful do-ings for the weekend:

Gallivanting: Around town. I love this time of year for exploring around the city before it's time to hibernate/stay inside for the winter. There's always something going on and the weather is just perfect.

Getting: Some sleep. I need to take my own advice and get back to going to bed before midnight. (Isn't it crazy how going to bed late just one night can through off one's sleep schedule?) 

Shopping: I "need" a pair of ankle booties and a new lip color for fall. Time to switch it up!

Watching: I am FINALLY going to sign up for Netflix, but the question I have is this: Orange is the New Black or Scandal first?

Also watching: Pitch Perfect. That is if I'm not caught up with a marathon of one of the above shows. I'm mostly watching it for Rebel Wilson, (her new show, Super Fun Night, looks hilarious) and because the movie seems to be a quotable classic a la Mean Girls. I love that. 

Till next week! Have a great weekend everyone! 

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