Back to Basics


I can be very lazy about shopping for some things (shoes not being one of them), but if there is one category of clothing that I just don't like shopping for, it's basics. They may be the simplest, most essential items of my wardrobe, carried by almost every department store, yet I absolutely dread shopping for them.

There are a number of reasons why I hate shopping for basics, the first being that since they are items that I wear often, finding the perfect fit is essential. This usually means trying on numerous garments, in numerous stores, for numerous hours. Then there is the fact that I can wear and love a particular item for a number of years, only to have to replace it and find out the cut has been ruined "improved," by the brand. The latter reason never fails me.

But there really is no getting around it. Too often when I'm getting dressed, I find myself reaching/wanting to wear that one item that I should have but don't. So before I even think about shopping for fall, I need to make a well edited list (check it twice, sorry, couldn't resist) and get to shopping for my essentials. Because whether it's a simple black dress to take me from day to night, or a casual chambray top for a day of fun, no matter what the season or the reason, they are the items that get me through it all. 

What are some items you consider your basics? Also, if anyone wants to do the buying/returning of these items for me, feel free. I kid, I kid. 

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