You're On A Beach...


Overwhelmed would be an understatement as to how I feel as of late. As this semester and ultimately my undergraduate studies come to an end, there is surely no shortage of final presentations and projects to be done. I often find myself closing my eyes and pretending I'm on one of my favorite beaches, with the warm sand beneath my toes, the sound of the ocean in the background, and the intoxicating smell of saltwater in the air... 
Sure, when I open my eyes its a harsh reality that I'm drained and still sitting in front of a computer screen, but for those few moments, that feeling of calm gives me mental clarity and everything I need to keep going. And as they say, a girl can dream right?

 Paradise Beach, Bahamas

 Nice, France

 Orient Beach, St. Martin

 Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Magen's Bay, St.Thomas 

What are some of your favorite beaches? 

Looks I Love for Spring


images via: 1/2/3/4/5/6
Can you tell I love my jeans and blazers? These images contain looks I am absolutely loving for this season from blush tones, white on white, to white and gold. They also contain some of my favorite items and trends for this season which include a white blazer, a pair of super flare leg jeans and colored denim. 

What looks are you loving and hoping to pick up for spring? 

Inspiration in Full Bloom


Yesterday, my family and I went to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx for our annual trip to The Orchid Show. I often forget and under appreciate just how much inspiration nature can provide. From the vibrant colors to unique color combinations, I found so much inspiration for home decor, future outfits, and upcoming design projects. After going through a bit of a creativity dry spell, I left with so many new ideas and just a slightly sniffly nose. 

Easy DIY Almond Milk


In the last year, I have been making many changes in regards to what I eat. One significant change I made was switching from regular milk to almond milk. I initially did not like the taste of almond milk but after giving it a fair try, I came to really love it.

Back in January while on break (and having just run out of almond milk), I came across this recipe and decided to give it a try. The process of making almond milk is very simple and foolproof: soak almonds overnight, pulse in food processor with water, strain, repeat voila! The taste of almond is much more pronounced than regular store bough almond milk, but delicious nonetheless. I like to add a bit of vanilla and agave sweetener but really, the possibilities are endless. 
L: The almonds after their first go in the food processor.  R: The finished product
The great thing about this recipe is how easy it is to turn the leftover almond "pulp" into almond flour. I simply just spread out the almond remains on a baking sheet and dry them out (I usually just toss it in the oven for a bit and then let it air dry), pulse it through the food processor and that's it! One recipe, two great outcomes. 

Spring Renewal


With a week off to myself and the arrival of spring, I spent the better part of the week before last embracing the change in season (and weather) with a bit of much needed renewal. From cleaning out (read: emptying out) my closets and sprucing up my room to shopping, (lots of shopping), it was definitely the boost I needed to improve my energy and well-being. 

I attempted to hang up some of my pictures etc. that have been in a bag in my closet for the last idk 5 months or so? I got this far since I am indecisive on how to proceed with the rest of the frames... 

Inspiration struck during one of my weekly trips to Target: this towel ring makes my scarves SO much more accessible! 

I have been searching high and low for a silk dressing gown and finally found one at H&M for $10. It also makes for a nice decoration on its hook behind my door.

My new favorite beauty product: Smashbox's BB cream. I don't want to say too much on it since I just started using it, but I think I may love it...

I really did not think I would find myself rocking anything neon in my lifetime, but here we are with this top from Old Navy. It is a shocking pink and I absolutely love it. In addition, the fit and material is really nice and it can easily be worn dressed down or dressed up.  Can't wait to wear the life out of it. 

How have you been embracing the change of season?