Spring Renewal


With a week off to myself and the arrival of spring, I spent the better part of the week before last embracing the change in season (and weather) with a bit of much needed renewal. From cleaning out (read: emptying out) my closets and sprucing up my room to shopping, (lots of shopping), it was definitely the boost I needed to improve my energy and well-being. 

I attempted to hang up some of my pictures etc. that have been in a bag in my closet for the last idk 5 months or so? I got this far since I am indecisive on how to proceed with the rest of the frames... 

Inspiration struck during one of my weekly trips to Target: this towel ring makes my scarves SO much more accessible! 

I have been searching high and low for a silk dressing gown and finally found one at H&M for $10. It also makes for a nice decoration on its hook behind my door.

My new favorite beauty product: Smashbox's BB cream. I don't want to say too much on it since I just started using it, but I think I may love it...

I really did not think I would find myself rocking anything neon in my lifetime, but here we are with this top from Old Navy. It is a shocking pink and I absolutely love it. In addition, the fit and material is really nice and it can easily be worn dressed down or dressed up.  Can't wait to wear the life out of it. 

How have you been embracing the change of season? 


  1. using a towel ring for scarfs is so clever!

  2. that H & M dressing gown is GORGE! Love it!

  3. Love the towel ring idea! I have honestly tried to clean out my closet and clothes, but have yet to do so....I'm just so tired when I get home at night! LOL