Always A Good Idea.


I would describe Paris as my favorite place I've never been and lately it's all I can think about. It's a place I've always wanted to visit and a trip I've dreamed about taking for a very long time. I think it's time to make that dream of walking along the Champs-Élysées and through the Latin Quarter and The Marais, all the while exploring and eating my way through the city, a reality. 

A trip this special requires lots of planning, planning that beings now. I have a few ideas already of what I want to do while I am there, so here's a look at some of my Paris to-do's.

The Oscars!


Never mind the fact that I have not watched a single movie that is nominated or that I fall asleep half way through the show (so.long.), I can't wait for The Oscars and the red carpet on Sunday night. The Oscar red carpet is one of the best in my opinion, since it is the last big award show of the season, and the time when some of the best vintage and looks from the recent Fashion Week's get pulled.

A girl can should dream, so here's what I would pick to attend The Oscars.

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil


I truly believe there is no greater pleasure in life than that of great food, great people, and great conversation. That was exactly the case last week when I was able to meet Sam of Style of Sam for the first time over a wonderful breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. As we chatted away about blogging, NYFW, and life, we chowed down on delicious omelettes which came with a side of mixed greens, lightly dressed in olive oil. It was then I got thinking about something I haven't made in while, rosemary infused olive oil.



Since I'm on a bit of a coat kick right now and I love leopard, naturally I am drawn to a leopard coat. I was so excited to try this one on from H&M, but truly wasn't feeling it. I am not ruling out the leopard look just yet, but will probably try on a different one. I love the look so much! 

Hair Inspo


As much as I want to shop for spring, the inspiration to do so just isn't there yet. Trust me, I've tried-the snow on the ground (and more on the way) is definitely a bit of a deterrent. But I am feeling a change. Since a wardrobe "refresh" may not be happening right now, I've decided to shift that focus to my hair instead. 

My hair is something I barely ever change, because I can never decide what it is exactly I want to do or what sort of look I am going for. This time around I feel a bit more inspired and while I am still not 100% sure on everything, I am almost certain I want to go lighter with the warmer months on their way...eventually. Of course Pinterest has been a great help in narrowing down potential styles, because truthfully, what isn't Pinterest useful for nowadays? 

How do you go about a big hair change? 

Whatever Today May Mean to You:


Can I get an amen?

NYFW: Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan


After last weeks live Office Hours, Kelly Cutrone invited everyone to the Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan show to be a part of her "Twitter Team," and to experience some of the prep that goes into putting on a show during Fashion Week. Having worked many a show in the past, it was such a dream and so much fun to be on the opposite side of things. The night included checking out the backstage area, the pre-show run-through, the hospitality lounge, and of course, the show itself.

Weekend-ing: Blizzard Edition


As the Northeast prepares for Winter Storm Nemo (what a name...) I too am preparing to hunker down for the duration of the storm. With the exception of Sunday, my plan to be as lazy and warm as possible, while catching up on some TV, reading, and the like. Here's how the weekend is looking so far:

ALSO! I will be attending and live-tweeting he Emerson show this Sunday! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram


Keeping Track of My Closet.


With NYFW just around the corner tomorrow, I found myself looking through my closet and making the same statement I make every time I get ready:

Pen to Paper.


When putting it on my 25 before 25 list, I had a number of reasons why I included "to purchase stationery." While email and text are convenient and instant, I still enjoy sitting down to hand write a note to someone. This holds especially true when it comes to a thank you, whether it be personal or professional. 
Ciao Note Cards 

Owning It.


Yesterday, I headed to the Levo League offices for a live version of their bi-weekly Office Hours to see the one and only Kelly Cutrone.
image via The Levo League
One thing I don't think many people realize is that Kelly Cutrone is nice. I mean extremely nice.  When I first met her a few years ago at Fashion's Night Out, I couldn't get over how incredibly kind she was. If you've read her books, you will come to find out that while she may have a tough love style, she is not this monster that people try and make her out to be.