Favorites from Milan Fashion Week


It's no secret that Milan Fashion Week (MFW) is my ABSOLUTE favorite, and he SS12 collections did not disappoint. From chic minimalism pieces, to bold prints, Milan Fashion Week had me making a mental spring shopping checklist (that will be buried in the back of my brain and unearthed next March).

Here are my highlights:
Gianfranco Ferré

Dolce and Gabbana



Moschino Cheap and Chic


all images via nymag.com

The Feast of San Gennaro


There are just so many things I love in the month of September: my birthday, Fashion Week, and the feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy. Besides my love of all things Italian, its definitely the food that keeps me coming back, year after year. 

I have been going to the feast for a few years now, and the plan of action has always been as follows: 
-Start at Spring and Mulberry street 
-Walk up Mulberry and sample well, just about everything
-Call it quits when everyone involved is full. 
While the many vendors selling everything from sausage and peppers, to fried oreo's are the main attraction, many of the restaurants that line Mulberry make special outdoor seating for the feast, and have great dinner specials (free pitcher of sangria with entree anyone?). So for the feast this year, that is what my friend Lauren and I decided to do. After checking out at a few along the way, we decided on the one with the cute sweet Italian man, from Naples. I will admit, I was worried that it would be smoke and mirrors (especially since I didn't have a review to go on, but dinner was excellent. From the homemade pasta to the vino, it far exceeded expectations.

Pasta for dinner could mean only one thing for dessert: gelato. And since dinner was so good, it could not disappoint. After walking along Mulberry, neither of us were really feeling any of the vendors we saw, as well, none of them seemed authentic (IE not Italian). I then remembered an article I was reading on the train about the feast, and in no time we were at La Cremeria. We knew we hit the jackpot, when we walked in, and were greeted with a very welcoming and authentic "Ciao!". Again, we were not disappointed. The only other place I have had gelato that was this delicious was in, well, Italy!
pinot grigio and Cannelloni.
gelato selection at La Cremeria
perfect end to the night
If time allows, I hope to make a second trip to the feast. Its the only time "street meat" is acceptable to me (the sausage and peppers are to die for), and I need a zeppole (or 20). 

Cure for the common cold


American Eagle Jacket & Flats, Forever 21+tee, Torrid skinnies,  Dior Sunglasses, Random pashmina, Longchamp Le Pliage tote. 

Fall is definitely in the air, and even though I am sick (AGAIN) it was nice to enjoy the beautiful weather after class. In addition, for "International talk like a pirate day", Crumbs was offering a BOGO (buy one, get one free) for customers who ordered like a pirate! My friend Angela (who also took this pic, thanks Ange!) and I definitely had a lot of fun being pirates, even if it was only for a few minutes. 

So here's to hoping a healthy dose of vitamin d, laughter, and sugar will clear this cold up ASAP.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week :)

NYFW S/S 2012 Roundup


Just like that, yet another New York Fashion Week has come and gone. Even though its eight full days of fashion, fun and glamour, it just never seems to last very long!

Even though there is a slight chill in the air, (I think winter, not fall, is swiftly approaching), as I start to pack away some of my summer pieces, it is nice to know that many of them will transition nicely into spring/summer 2012.
Alice + Olivia
 I love the fun,flirty, and oh so feminine mix that is Alice + Olivia.  It never ceases to amaze me how Stacey Bendet manages to capture so much versatility and variety in just one collection. While I know its not nice to play favorites, I absolutely love that short, champagne dress. Now for an occasion to wear it to...
Bill Blass
In or out on the runways, anything and everything nautical will always be a must have of mine for spring/summer. I love the way Bill Blass interpreted the traditional nautical styles by not using the standard navy and white, but black and white. A subtle twist, on an old and loved classic.

Victoria Beckham
When most designers are showing bright punches of color and pastels for the warmer months, Victoria Beckham goes against the grain and incorporate black and navy into her spring/summer collection. I loved the mix of structured and flowy pieces, as well as her super chic bags.

Diane von Furstenberg
I can't think of another time when I have seen white done so impeccably! From white to coral. and of course the prints, DVF had me wishing the weather was warming up again, not cooling down!

Since time doesn't allow me to include many of my other favorites, be sure to check out my tumblr, as I will be posting them at random. (Read, bored and confused in managerial math.) :)
What were your NYFW favorites? 

all pics via NY Mag

Missoni Madness


I still cannot believe the absolute INSANITY that ensued following the release of the Missoni for Target collection on Tuesday. Not even that it sold out, or crashed the website, but more the fact that people were camped out at Target from 5:30am, fighting with other shoppers, and ultimately, buying everything so they could go sell it on eBay.

My plan was to wake up Tuesday and go to Target, before catching the train to school. However, I was just so tired it became sleep>shopping. So I opted to sleep in, and instead check out the Target near my school before heading to class.

Well of course as the story would, and has been going by many, when I strolled into Target at 10:30am, I had missed the boat. All the employees I talked to said it "worse than Black Friday", with most items selling out in just FIFTEEN MINUTES!!! As excited as I was for the collection, I was happy I slept in instead, because I don't mess with that kind of crazy. Not one bit.

A manager informed me that there were very few items upstairs in housewares, so I ventured up to see just what was left.  It was a small display of bedding, with of course a crowd around it. I spotted a style I didn't see before, with a really nice print. Being in the middle of redecorating my room, I decided to get it since really, it is perfect! (The stares I got from people at my school as I lugged the set around were priceless.)

My biggest beef with how this all played out is how most of the collection ended up on eBay. 39,000+ approximately, going 3x, in some cases more than their original retail selling price. Do people not realize that even though it has the Missoni name and design, it is ultimately a TARGET product they are spending hundreds of dollars on? Even Margherita Missoni tweeted that people were being crazy!! 

There is no reason a $39.99 throw blanket should be going for $207.50. NONE.

Did you grab any Missoni for Target? How was shopping where you were? 
Overall, what do you think of it all? 

When bloggers meet.


Saturday, I had the absolute honor and pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite bloggers, Nina of XOXO, Nina. It was the first time I had ever met up with a fellow blogger, and I was SO nervous!! Would we hit it off? What would we talk about? Well, all that worrying was for nothing, because we hit it off right away which was such a relief!  

We started the afternoon at Saks, where we had lunch (so delicious and amazing views of midtown) and browsed around the store. Since Fifth Ave was closed off, we took advantage of that and the beautiful weather for photos. We then went over to Magnolia, grabbed cupcakes, and finished the day at Starbucks, just talking and laughing the afternoon away. Time surely does fly when you are having fun, because the afternoon just flew by!! It was such a wonderful afternoon, and I hope we get to do it again soon!
delicious chicken quesadilla from Cafe SFA at Saks
just realized the mannequins and I are wearing the same color!
how me are these Miu Miu pumps? Leopard AND sequins? Need, need, neeeddd.
Alloy top, ASOS belt, Torrid skinny jeans, Target flats, I Santi bag, Dior sunnies 

On this day...


May we remember and reflect on the events of September 11, 2001.

To all those that lost their life, you are gone, but surely not forgotten

To the first responders, FDNY, NYPD, EMT and countless other civilians that risked their life, in order to save the lives of others, thank you. You are truly the epitome of a hero.

And to the members of the military, those who have served, died in service, and continue to serve, fighting to protect us all back at home, your immense service does not got unnoticed. 
Thank you for all that you do. 

Never forget. 

My FNO (in photos)


Missoni pop up
I know this is a super blurry shot, but this was the first instance of the evening when I was frozen with awe. Because that man in blue walking away is a man I have looked up to, and admired his work for YEARS. That is none other than the one and only, Bill Cunningham.  
(He was taking pictures outside of the line to get into Missoni)
Selita Ebanks at DVF

After leaving DVF, I couldn't help but run up and check out The High Line.  It was my first time there and it was honestly breathtaking. I must go back immediately, if not sooner.
overlooking the MPD from The High Line
outside DVF

My FNO (the novel)

Having done FNO the last two years, my plan for this year was to head to the Missoni for Target pop up shop, to check out the collection. I really loved the way they did the pop up shop for the Alexander McQueen Target collection back in 2009, and I couldn't wait to check out the collection.

Clearly that was the shared sentiment of many, as the line stretched from Sixth Avenue, all the way down 42nd Street, wrapped around the corner to Broadway, and then continued down Broadway to who knows where.
the line along 42nd Street, between 6th avenue and Broadway
the line stretching down Broadway
As we all patiently waited for 6 o'clock to arrive (the time the shop would open) to see how quickly the line would move, I kept myself entertained with Twitter and Tumblr. DVF was having a FNO Twitter contest, for those that tweeted "Be the woman you want to be #DVFNO", with the prize being her new DIANE by Diane von Furstenberg fragrance. I figured, "why not?" and tweeted away.

Soon, 8 o'clock approached, and things were pretty much at a standstill. As I was deciding what my next move would be, my phone vibrated notifying me I had a direct message on Twitter. It was DVF and I had WON! I really don't remember much after that, because I was so shocked, that I was shaking.  I said goodbye with the friends I had made waiting on line, and booked it to Time Square to catch a train downtown to the Meatpacking District. 

When I arrived in the Meatpacking District, it was ALIVE! The whole city was totally electric last night, but MPD took the cake! It was amazing! I arrived at DVF, and was soon met at the door by Liz, not just with a hello, but with a hug! The same when she brought me around the back to where the party was, and introduced me to Kate! Seriously, how wonderful is the DVF family?

After a quick chat, and some pictures it was time to enjoy the end of Estelle's concert. Even though I only got a little bit of it, she was AMAZING! Her energy was INCREDIBLE, with the entire room  dancing and singing along to her songs. It was a feeling like no other, and I couldn't have been happier to have been there.
the amazing Estelle
Kate from DVF and I
After chatting once more with Kate, and some mingling it was time for me to head home. Who else would I run into before leaving other than the one and only Kelly Cutrone. 

I couldn't have been happier with how the night went. Not only did I meet some incredibly phenomenal women, but I learned a very valuable lesson: to be the woman I want to be.

And who says fashion is superficial? 

My Tumblr and Twitter!


So I am BEYOND EXCITED for Fashion's Night Out tomorrow! To keep up with the madness, make sure to follow me on Tumblr and Twitter. I always update Twitter, but I will be updating Tumblr (even after Fashion Week) with pictures, quickie outfit posts and more!

I'm also hopping to get up to Lincoln Center and take more pictures like last year. So stay tuned for that!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!! xx

OH P.S.: check out my BTS (back to school) mani! Essie's "knockout pout". I was looking for a color similar to my favorite pink highlighter. Of course I found it! :)

Goodbye Summer


Well summer, it's been real. While I am less than thrilled to be going back to school Wednesday (barfffffffff), I am very excited to be going into my senior year of college. 
Frozen lychee martini to toast the start of summer, marriage equality in NY, summer essentials, breakfast outside on my patio, my first Salty Pimp from the Big Gay Ice cream truck, a trip to the MET to see the amazing Alexander McQueen exhibit, my first lobster roll back in June from Luke's Lobster, a life size metal bear that cost $8,000 that I really want.

Tips and tricks for Fashion's Night Out


I can't believe it! Fashion's Night Out (FNO) is just ONE week away! If your new to the party, here are some tips from my experiences in the last two years of FNO in NYC.

FNO 101
PLAN, PLAN, PLAN: The most important thing of all. Scout out the FNO website and pick the events you want to attend. Then narrow down your list, taking into consideration popularity/crowds of said event, scheduled times, and transportation (if necessary). 

Have a backup plan:  In case original plans fallout (IE a cancelled appearance, an events too crowded, friends bail, whatever may have you). Even if your initial plans don't pan out, doesn't mean the night has to be over!! Having an idea of other events ensures that the night will not be lost!

Wear comfortable shoes: I cant stress this one enough. Especially if your doing FNO in a place like NYC that requires lots of walking. Five inch stilettos are nice, but extremely impractical. Which leads me to my next tip...

Dress like you: Yes I know, its a fashion event, and brushing shoulders with designers warrants a to die for outfit. However, you can still do that while opting for a comfortable, chic, outfit that's fuss free. You want to enjoy the night, not spend it wishing you hadn't made a poor wardrobe choice.  

Eat something: Whether you plan on being out for the entire night, or enjoying the free champagne, do not attempt FNO on an empty stomach! Nothing would be worse than to miss Marc Jacobs because you are faint from low blood sugar!

Pack light: FNO is the ultimate party and shopping event, all rolled into one. So leave the suitcase at home (ladies, you know exactly what I mean), and opt for a cross body bag or light tote, with only the essentials: wallet, camera, phone, gloss. No being weighed down by a heavy handbag for you! 

Of course the last and most important tip of all is to HAVE FUN no matter where the night may take you! And fear not if there's no FNO in your city, you can enjoy it online!