Cure for the common cold


American Eagle Jacket & Flats, Forever 21+tee, Torrid skinnies,  Dior Sunglasses, Random pashmina, Longchamp Le Pliage tote. 

Fall is definitely in the air, and even though I am sick (AGAIN) it was nice to enjoy the beautiful weather after class. In addition, for "International talk like a pirate day", Crumbs was offering a BOGO (buy one, get one free) for customers who ordered like a pirate! My friend Angela (who also took this pic, thanks Ange!) and I definitely had a lot of fun being pirates, even if it was only for a few minutes. 

So here's to hoping a healthy dose of vitamin d, laughter, and sugar will clear this cold up ASAP.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week :)


  1. hahaha- who on earth needs an excuse to act like a pirate? you got a bonus out of it :)

  2. Totally love your outfit! I wish I could pull off skinny jeans!!! That's awesome that you talked like a pirate LOL I don't know what CRUMBS is but whatever they were selling, I am sure it was most definitely worth talking like a pirate to get that deal!!!

  3. I've already told you to get better soon, but I'll say it one more time, because being sick is no fun :( So get well soon! 
    But thinking about it, you were really smart and used your cold to talk like a pirate and eat a super yummy cupcake! :) :) 


    And too funny- just after we were talking about CRUMBS!

  4. Thanks Nicole! AND YOU CAN WEAR SKINNY JEANS! Like they say, its all about finding that perfect pair. And Crumbs is a cupcake place, AMAZING cupcakes. I love them!

  5. Major bonus! I kind of talk like a pirate everyday, so it was definitely in my favor LOL

  6. Thank you Kristy! I hope Lia feels better soon! But I agree, Im ready for all the fun that comes with fall. BRING IT ON!:)
     And yes it was DEFINITELY worth it :)

  7. It was perfect! Between my birthday and pirate day, I have eaten an obscene amount of CRUMBS in the last week. 

  8. I adore Crumbs, they have THE best cupcakes! Haha, talking like a pirate for a free cupcake; who wouldn't? Glad at least you've cheered up. Get well soon :) Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Veena <3

  9. You look gorgeous! Sorry you are sick. Lia-bug has a cold too - I think that's the only downfall to Fall. But I'll take it for all the wonderful things that come along with it ;)

    And for a Crumbs cupcake? Oh, I would have totally went all pirate-like. Arrghh!