Tips and tricks for Fashion's Night Out


I can't believe it! Fashion's Night Out (FNO) is just ONE week away! If your new to the party, here are some tips from my experiences in the last two years of FNO in NYC.

FNO 101
PLAN, PLAN, PLAN: The most important thing of all. Scout out the FNO website and pick the events you want to attend. Then narrow down your list, taking into consideration popularity/crowds of said event, scheduled times, and transportation (if necessary). 

Have a backup plan:  In case original plans fallout (IE a cancelled appearance, an events too crowded, friends bail, whatever may have you). Even if your initial plans don't pan out, doesn't mean the night has to be over!! Having an idea of other events ensures that the night will not be lost!

Wear comfortable shoes: I cant stress this one enough. Especially if your doing FNO in a place like NYC that requires lots of walking. Five inch stilettos are nice, but extremely impractical. Which leads me to my next tip...

Dress like you: Yes I know, its a fashion event, and brushing shoulders with designers warrants a to die for outfit. However, you can still do that while opting for a comfortable, chic, outfit that's fuss free. You want to enjoy the night, not spend it wishing you hadn't made a poor wardrobe choice.  

Eat something: Whether you plan on being out for the entire night, or enjoying the free champagne, do not attempt FNO on an empty stomach! Nothing would be worse than to miss Marc Jacobs because you are faint from low blood sugar!

Pack light: FNO is the ultimate party and shopping event, all rolled into one. So leave the suitcase at home (ladies, you know exactly what I mean), and opt for a cross body bag or light tote, with only the essentials: wallet, camera, phone, gloss. No being weighed down by a heavy handbag for you! 

Of course the last and most important tip of all is to HAVE FUN no matter where the night may take you! And fear not if there's no FNO in your city, you can enjoy it online!


  1. Oooh have fun I want to see pictures!

  2. I'm so jealous!  Looks like you're going to get to enjoy FNO NYC!!  You must take pictures and share!!  :o)

    (Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my blog!)

    xo, sam

  3. This is a great set of tips, and although there's no FNO in Singapore, I'll definitely take note of these tips for future local fashion events! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Veena <3

  4. Definitely! They need to get FNO in Singapore! 

  5. I'm hoping for another great year! Thank you!

  6. I will surely have them!

  7. i have been missing you on my blog! i even dedicated a post to my great followers a long time ago, where you were one of them ! :) haha

    and btw... i envy you! i wish i could attend FNO... or anything else than the weird old stuff thats happening in my little itsy bitsy, non cultural working town haha! ;)

  8. Aww I have missed you too! I have been slacking due to summer.  And dont worry! One day soon, you'll be attending FNO and every fashion event you could think of!