Balmain, you can never do wrong in my eyes


Feeling a Little Wicked, and Ready for Fall


You know its fall when I'm wearing Essie's "Wicked", my official nail polish color of fall for the past 4 years.

Why I love Fall


    Be Still my heart, Prabal Gurung


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    Fashion's Night Out


    Last night was INSANITY! FNO most definitely grew in popularity since last year. All that I hoped to accomplish went right out the window when dealing with the insane people that came out for FNO.

    My friend from HS messaged me on Facebook to meet up and I'm glad we did. We were both anti-Macy's as it was really just a hodgepodge of people, but were both starstruck when we found out Kimora Lee Simmons would be there. We went, lined up with the masses and awaited her arrival.

    I'm so glad we did.

    Kimora was the highlight of my nigh. She walked right by me (before her/Macy's security shoved me into a fixture). She smiled and gracefully, almost shyly said hi. She is everything I thought she would be. She was her usual crazy self, glamorous, and completely adoring of her fans. I lost count of how many times she said thank you to everyone for coming out. She was shocked! My friend and I attempted to get a picture with her but all the pushing and shoving was just not worth it. People were CRAZY! It became too hot and claustrophobic, so we left.

    FNO was a slight bust for me. The city was way packed, and after being ditched by everyone and suffering one too many battle wounds, I called it quits by 9:15.

    Diddy's bus

    Joss Stone

    J.Lo's Bentley. After waiting for approx. 15 minutes her car drove away and apparently she "had already left".

    Michael Kors models

    Here comes Kimora!!


    Absolutely beautiful

    Jellybeans from Jessica Simpson

    Victoria Beckham, the Real Deal


    The New York Times Style section featured an article about the one and only Victoria Beckham as she prepares for her  upcoming  New York Fashion Week presentation. 

    A celebrity clothing line is one thing Victoria Beckham's collection is not. While most celebrity lines are just all name, Victoria Beckham puts in the work. Everything is designed, created and overseen by Victoria Beckham and she is someone who truly understands fashion. From cut, to fit, to fabric, she knows what women want out of their clothing, Fashion is truly her passion, and it is reflected in every single piece, in all of her collections.

    "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again," describes Victoria Beckham's pursuit of being a respected designer.  Even though her original collection, DVB, didn't succeed (it did for some time, but lost steam), she never called it quits. And even when naysayers said she would not last, here she is showing at NYFW for the second year in a row, and her line with sales figures in the billions. "One part inspiration, three parts aspiration," means Victoria Beckham is here to stay. 

    "I don’t do anything by halves,” she says, an edge in her voice. “If you’re going to do something, do it properly, I think. Otherwise there is no point in doing it at all." -Victoria Beckham
    Read the article in its entirety here 
    *image via TNYT

    "Poor Girls Clarisonic"


    Every forum, blog, or YouTube video I see, rave reviews and the ever growing cult following for the Clarisonic brush. Of course I have fallen in love with it, but as much as I would love to buy a Clarisonic, shelling out $200 on anything other than a textbook or any other school related expense is just out of the question right now (thank you college!).

    So I went on a search, for a cheaper alternative to use in the mean time. While browsing Specktra, someone posted about using the Face Complexion Brush from Sephora and called it "the poor girls Clarisonic". Now, let me preface the next statement by saying, I have nothing to compare it to, as I have never used or seen a Clarisonic brush, but for what its worth, this little brush at just $5 sure does wonders at removing my makeup. The bristles are soft, it is gentle, and works extremely effectively. I apply either my Philosophy Purity or DDF Salicylic Wash to the brush, and work it like a Clarisonic, swirling the brush circular for about a minute to cleanse. When I swipe with toner after, the cotton comes up clean and the end result, is makeup free, fresh looking skin.

    I'm sure when I do get a Clarisonic I will wonder how I even compared the two, but for what its worth, this little brush is my $5 wonder.