"Poor Girls Clarisonic"


Every forum, blog, or YouTube video I see, rave reviews and the ever growing cult following for the Clarisonic brush. Of course I have fallen in love with it, but as much as I would love to buy a Clarisonic, shelling out $200 on anything other than a textbook or any other school related expense is just out of the question right now (thank you college!).

So I went on a search, for a cheaper alternative to use in the mean time. While browsing Specktra, someone posted about using the Face Complexion Brush from Sephora and called it "the poor girls Clarisonic". Now, let me preface the next statement by saying, I have nothing to compare it to, as I have never used or seen a Clarisonic brush, but for what its worth, this little brush at just $5 sure does wonders at removing my makeup. The bristles are soft, it is gentle, and works extremely effectively. I apply either my Philosophy Purity or DDF Salicylic Wash to the brush, and work it like a Clarisonic, swirling the brush circular for about a minute to cleanse. When I swipe with toner after, the cotton comes up clean and the end result, is makeup free, fresh looking skin.

I'm sure when I do get a Clarisonic I will wonder how I even compared the two, but for what its worth, this little brush is my $5 wonder.

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