There are some stores that I just can't go into. Target is number one, Michaels is another, and any type of kitchen/home goods store follows close behind. I will always find something that I just absolutely "need."

Case in point, my madeleine tray. I bought it back in January, not because I wanted it, but because I needed it. I needed it because I had given up processed foods, and while I enjoyed them on occasion at Starbucks with my tall Americano, that was a thing of the past. So I needed that tray to make them on my own, with ingredients I could feel good about.

(I swear that was my entire thought process.)

So I'm sure some irony lies within the fact that the tray I "needed" so badly didn't get used until six months later.  But despite that, I already know that buying that tray was completely worth it. I had a few recipes that I wanted to try out, but went with this recipe for starters. Those dainty, buttery cakes are were just too good to have just one. I can't wait to try other varieties including chocolate and Nutella.

Taste aside, don't they just look so impressive? I suddenly have the urge to have a tea party, especially after laying my eyes on this tea set...

Because I need it right?


  1. I love Madeleines! So good with coffee and tea. I didn't even know they sold the trays haha. I might have to try this recipe (I'm not a fan of processed foods either). Thanks for sharing :)


  2. haha, I think my top two are Target and Michaels too :) and then grocery stores...

  3. Yes, Target and Michaels/Hobby Lobby - VERY DANGEROUS places! Your madeleines look like yummy perfection. And I'm SURE they are much better for you than the processed ones at Starbuck! ;-) And seriously crushing on that tea set!

    xo, sam
    **Style of Sam**

    1. Also, I didn't realize I wasn't with you on GFC until NOW. I've been trying to get organized/caught up with things/life! :)

  4. Those look yummy! I've never made Madelines before.. are they hard?
    Nikki at

  5. I'm absolutely hopeless when I walk into Target. I can never leave empty handed. These Madelines look amazing though and at least you got to use the tray! They're like little bits of heaven. Yum! :)