The Green Smoothie


In a very strange way, the thing I look forward to most after the holidays, is the almost mandatory detox. What better time is there to recharge and cleanse? I am by no means hardcore about it, just no carbs, most dairy, sweets, wine, and, sigh, coffee for a few days. In its place, I eat lots of fruits and veggies, Red Mango, green tea, and the green smoothie.
I've only recently started drinking green smoothies, because I was hesitant as to how or what they would taste like. After much debate, I finally gave it a try, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! The combination of the fruit with the greens definitely helps it from tasting too green. Most importantly, I absolutely love how they work. Almost instantly I feel more energized, less bloated, and overall much healthier. 

My basis for my green smoothie is always spinach (for my green), ginger and the juice from one lime.  Once I have those in the blender, I'll add in any other fruits that I have on hand, that I think are beneficial to my body's needs at the time. For this particular smoothie, I added papaya (great for cleansing your system) and pineapple. Thrown into a fancy glass, you forget its good for you.

While I tend to drink it periodically, I think I may up my green smoothie intake as the cold and flu season draws near. Can't go wrong with all those extra antioxidants!

What do you do to recharge your body?

Are you ready for some football?


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend. Today's post is sponsored by my absolutely uncontrollable excitement for tonight's Saints vs. Giants game. Its no secret that my loyalties are to the Saints and I absolutely cannot wait to watch tonight's game.

What I love most about game day (besides the actual game of course), is getting dressed up and showing my team pride. I especially love that there so many options now for female fans, besides the usual over sized jersey. From Modell's to PINK, there is something for everyone.

 1. slippers2.tee , 3.charm bracelet,

What's your favorite way to show team spirit?

Give Thanks.


Of course I picked a Peanuts themed picture. As I drink my wine and bask in my food coma later, I will surely be watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and "Happiness is a Warm Blanket".
"May you count your blessings,and not your calories."

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving Prep


A few days ago, I was talking to my Dad about Thanksgiving dinner, and if he had thought about the menu yet. Since my dad is the HCIC (Head Chef In Charge), I asked if I could make a side dish (corn bread, made it for the first time last year and it was amazing). Somehow, my asking to make a contribution, turned into ME  making the sides for Thanksgiving dinner. And yes just the sides. I'm not ready for the responsibility of the turkey.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I have been browsing FoodGawker for some new recipes (to go with some of the staples) and using Pinterest to keep them all together. Since my usual Thanksgiving day usually consists of waking up, eating pie for breakfast, and sleeping till dinner, its imperative I start planning now. 

What foods are you looking forward to on Thanksgiving? Are you cooking as well?

There's Been a Change to the Itinerary...


Typically, the above statement would not sit well with me, as it could mean missing out on something great. Yet, as everything in life, sometimes a change can lead to an amazing adventure.

During the first part of my study abroad in Lake Como, we had changes in our itinerary which left us with a very empty Sunday. While everyone was discussing how late they would sleep, and what time they would head to the pool/lake,  our professors came up with a genius idea: how about a day trip to Switzerland?  We were told that it would cost us a little extra for transport, but no one really cared as every ones wallet was already out to hand over the extra Euros.

After a quick Sunday brunch, we were on our way. We only had the transport for a few hours, so we had to leave early in order to get the most out of the day. Soon after departure though, a little incident delayed the bus I was in (a post for another day, promise), so we lost a teeny bit of time. In order to catch up with the other bus, our first unofficial stop was at the Swiss Miniatur. Even though we didn't go inside, observing from the outside was nice, and most importantly, we were on Swiss soil!

After some photos, it was back to the bus to our destination. We arrived in Lugano and were greeted by the most breathtaking scenery. Since most places were closed (it was Sunday) we all decided to browse about on our own, and grab lunch. While the majority of the group opted to dine at Burger King, a few of us found a nice little restaurant and had delicious lunch of pasta and pizza. The best part of it all had to be the chocolate shop right across from the restaurant. Because whats a trip to Switzerland, without enjoying Swiss chocolates?
Lake Lugano
I kid you not, this was only a small section of the shop. 

Have your travels ever led you on an exciting detour? Where was it to?

Skipping Thanksgiving


Happy Mundane Monday everyone! This weekend was thankfully another relaxing one, but I did have to use my brain to ponder one thing extensively:

Is it just me or has Christmas completely taken over?

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays just like the next person, but what happened to enjoying each one as they come? Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, but already it is straight up Christmas overload.  While watching Pan Am, I saw this Walmart commercial where the family was at CHRISTMAS dinner. What in the... (I won't even discuss the reaction I had when I heard Auld Lang Syne playing)

I know it is all driven by making money, blahblahblah, but are people losing the real meaning of the holidays, and getting caught up in the hype and the superficial part of it? Or have I got it all wrong?

I did this post because I really want to get your feedback. So tell me: does it bother you that all the holidays are so rushed or does it not matter to you? 

Guest posting


My friend and fellow blogger, Nina, is on vacation and asked me to guest post on her blog! So check out my post at XOXO, Nina today and show Nina some love!!

And HAPPY THURSDAY! Just one more day till the weekend! Woo!! 

Healthy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins


In the last few weeks, no matter what I go to Trader Joe's for, I always pick up a can of pumpkin. From pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pancakes, and of course, the pumpkin spice syrup, I have been getting my fill for sure.

After browsing through my favorited recipes on Foodgawker, I came across this recipe for pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Out of all the ones I had saved, I liked this one the most since it was the one with the least amount of calories and fat. Score! They are not overly sweet, and use whole wheat flour (in addition to regular white flour), which is great for a quick breakfast or snack, without the crash. In addition, the amount of pumpkin/pumpkin pie spice can be changed to your liking! 
I think my "dollops" were a little cream cheese heavy. It's not my fault I was thinking of that  Daisy "do the dollop" commercial.

Enjoy with a homemade pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy pumpkin bliss!

Old Navy Favorites


Old Navy has always been my go to place for basics, but never much else. Even when I worked there, I never shopped there much (shocking, I know). Sure, every now and then I'd find something spectacular that I just had to have, but those occasions were far and few between.

However, this season Old Navy has really stepped their game up! I find myself browsing online quite often and loving a lot of what I see! With  Friends and Family this weekend, I figured what better time to get my hands on some of those items that have been sitting in my shopping bag, at a great price?!

Here are my absolute favorites:

3. Asymmetrical-Hem Charmeuse Dress
(the asymmetrical hem and the color are giving me a total Devil Wears Prada moment)

Friends and Family ends November 8th! Happy Shopping!