Are you ready for some football?


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and a nice long weekend. Today's post is sponsored by my absolutely uncontrollable excitement for tonight's Saints vs. Giants game. Its no secret that my loyalties are to the Saints and I absolutely cannot wait to watch tonight's game.

What I love most about game day (besides the actual game of course), is getting dressed up and showing my team pride. I especially love that there so many options now for female fans, besides the usual over sized jersey. From Modell's to PINK, there is something for everyone.

 1. slippers2.tee , 3.charm bracelet,

What's your favorite way to show team spirit?


  1. For a long time I felt strongly about not wearing game day gear, but now that the NBA is somewhat back in session I may have to invest in my first Bulls tee.

  2. haha- well I've not had much faith in the Vikings this year because they are horrible, but I have a Wild Jersey I wear for hockey games!

  3. Is it weird that I consider the Saints my favorite pro football team because they're the only team I know? haha Remember when Reggie Bush dated Kim K? Yeah I used to watch the show haha... anyways, I love their team colors and the slippers and bracelet are adorable and actually pretty 'not tacky' too! haha

    Anyways, ending this comment now because I'm pretty sure I make no sense...