Thanksgiving Prep


A few days ago, I was talking to my Dad about Thanksgiving dinner, and if he had thought about the menu yet. Since my dad is the HCIC (Head Chef In Charge), I asked if I could make a side dish (corn bread, made it for the first time last year and it was amazing). Somehow, my asking to make a contribution, turned into ME  making the sides for Thanksgiving dinner. And yes just the sides. I'm not ready for the responsibility of the turkey.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I have been browsing FoodGawker for some new recipes (to go with some of the staples) and using Pinterest to keep them all together. Since my usual Thanksgiving day usually consists of waking up, eating pie for breakfast, and sleeping till dinner, its imperative I start planning now. 

What foods are you looking forward to on Thanksgiving? Are you cooking as well?


  1. grace - stripes & sequinsSeptember 5, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    Ha!  My Thanksgiving routine is usually the same as yours - sleep in, lounge, pie for breakfast... I need to be better about actually cooking! 

  2. Well that's cool! I wish you luck on making your side dishes. Hopefully you put everyone in a food coma, and we all know that's a good sign. I'm actually gonna be making the main dishes for Thanksgiving so I'm excited. I'm not whipping out the big guns and making a turkey, I'm gonna try an unconventional approach. Tex Mex Chicken and Rice Casserole is one dish, and Pepper Steak is gonna be the 2nd main dish. I'm actually pretty excited to get in the kitchen. (insert sexist joke about women being in the kitchen.) ha.

  3. Hahah I love it. I was supposed to cook last year, but fell into my old routine. But I wont this year!

  4. LOL! Feminist probably hate me. I love being in the kitchen! Those dishes sound SO GOOD! So good luck to you too, and I want to hear (and see) how they went!