Skipping Thanksgiving


Happy Mundane Monday everyone! This weekend was thankfully another relaxing one, but I did have to use my brain to ponder one thing extensively:

Is it just me or has Christmas completely taken over?

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays just like the next person, but what happened to enjoying each one as they come? Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, but already it is straight up Christmas overload.  While watching Pan Am, I saw this Walmart commercial where the family was at CHRISTMAS dinner. What in the... (I won't even discuss the reaction I had when I heard Auld Lang Syne playing)

I know it is all driven by making money, blahblahblah, but are people losing the real meaning of the holidays, and getting caught up in the hype and the superficial part of it? Or have I got it all wrong?

I did this post because I really want to get your feedback. So tell me: does it bother you that all the holidays are so rushed or does it not matter to you? 


  1. So true!!!

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  2. Yes! I feel like everything is so hyped up but before you can celebrate and enjoy the actual day, our society is already onto the next. :( It'sactually a little depressing but no worries, I'm in full thanksgiving mode!

    miss you!!

  3. Some years I'm all for it, some years I want to take a long winter's nap until January 1st...

  4.  you are right on christmas taking over. i think people get caught up in the hype of presents! gifts! spend money! outdo people! that they tend to forget about what christmas is really about.

    this year though, i'm very excited for thanksgiving as all of my inlaws are coming out and we're going to have a massive dinner on thursday night. :)

  5. I wish I could hibernate. Oh the life. 

  6. That makes me glad! I actually walked into Starbucks today and EVERYTHING was red. I was like GAHHH!!

  7. That sounds wonderful Laura! Family and food? Sounds like a great holiday! Enjoy :)