Thats what Christmas is all about...


Wishing everyone a safe and merry Christmas!

This commercial makes me pee.


Not literally. Makes me pee just means its really funny to me!

As they say, "Any publicity, is good publicity."


I seriously cant get enough of watching that video.

That now famous video of Bush and his stealth dodging of the shoe of an Iraqi reporter is turning out big profits for a Turkish shoemaker. The New York Times is reporting that Ramazan Baydan,  the cobbler of the famous black oxford shoe, is now seeing a massive jump in orders for his shoes from around the world.
From the New York Times:
"A new run of 15,000 pairs, destined for Iraq, went into production on Thursday, he said. A British distributor has asked to become the Baydan Shoe Company’s European sales representative, with a first order of 95,000 pairs, and an American company has placed an order for 18,000 pairs. Four distributors are competing to represent the company in Iraq, where Baydan sold 19,000 pairs of this model for about $40 each last year."
Talk about a big break. Hopefully that Iraqi reporter looks for his cut of the sales. 
I kid.

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