What better way to play catch up than a look through some of my favorite Instagram pics? More or less, this is what life has been all about the last few weeks.
1. Newest Obsession: KIND bars. I have one in my bag at all times. Not just are they good for you but they taste good too.
2. A quiet Sunday pre-studying calls for tea and a good read. I highly recommend The Sweet Life in Paris, especially if you like to cook and bake. And of course love Paris. 
3. The Royal Caribbean "Royal Shuttle." It made taking the grimy subway bearable and made me wish I was away on a cruise.
4. My usual "view" when at school. All work, no play (even if you see Twitter in the background...)
1. Breakfast for Lunch: Chorizo and Almond flour pancakes
2. Doris Day Pandora for sleepless night.
3.4. Spring/Summer shopping! 
(watch from Target, nail polish from Urban Outfitters, hat from H&M, top from Kohl's (LC by Lauren Conrad).
1. A custom request bracelet that I need to make for myself.
2. The Brooklyn Promenade.
3. Normally these life like statues freak me out, but I love her high fashion take on it. 
4. Spring cleaning closet finds. Italy, I miss you!

Even though I usually wait until April to begin any kind of spring shopping/cleaning, I just couldn't help myself. When the temps flirt near 70 and are typically in the 60's, its kind of hard not to. I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning out my closets and tossing clothes. Garbage bags full. Now my closets are empty (ish) which means I need to go shopping (aka I will lay in bed, open up a couple of tabs and then "shop.") Please tell me I'm not the only one who has already gotten started on spring cleaning? 

Hope you all are well and that you have a great weekend!! 

Koala Tea


Now I know what Charlie Sheen meant when he said he only had "one gear, GO!" OK I probably don't know exactly what he meant (ifyaknowwhatimean), but it is literally how I feel. So much is going on, and as much as I try to balance everything out, some things have fallen to the wayside and (unfortunately) blogging is one of them. From the time factor to the physical factor, I just can't do it. 

If its one thing I promised myself as a blogger, it's that I would only post quality posts, nothing forced or half-assed. I hope I can get back to blogging, even if it's just once a week, but we'll see. 

In the mean time, you can follow me on Tumblr or on Twitter or on Instagram (@fleurdelyss). 

Hope you all are well and I hope to be back soon!