Inspiring Me This Week (So Far)


This week has been an exceptionally inspiring one, and I just couldn't help but share them with you. 

1. 60 Minutes

It never fails that when I feel like I am losing faith in humanity, something happens or comes to my attention that proves this to be not the case. This  weeks edition of 60 Minutes featured some incredibly selfless people that go out of there way day in and day out to protect, help, and present opportunities to others that they may not have them otherwise. Their goal in life is not to make millions (so some featured have) but to help and serve their fellow human in awe inspiring ways. Watching these interviews restored my faith and reminded me that this world is truly filled with great people. 

2. Levo League Office Hours with Warren Buffet 
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I know I've mentioned Levo League before, but definitely not to the extent that it deserves. I joined Levo last summer, and I honestly cannot be without their articles and their bi-weekly Office Hours. This past Tuesday, Levo League co-founder and CEO Caroline Ghosn sat down with the one and only Warren Buffet. I find it so astonishing that regardless of his "status" Warren Buffet is incredibly humble and believes in everyone getting a fair chance in reaching and achieving their full potential. Even more remarkable is his belief and passion that women have everything necessary to succeed in the workplace and that they should.

“Women should not hold themselves back… Nobody should hold them back.” 
-Warren Buffet

I highly recommend taking some time this weekend (or whenever really!), to check out the recap  and the recording of the live stream on Levo. Not to be missed. 

3. Heather Thomson at Rock the World 

Heather Thomson quickly "holla'd" her way into my heart with her real attitude and business savvy in the most recent season of The Real Housewives of New York, and on Wednesday she spoke at the Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World conference. The founder and designer of Yummie Tummie spoke candidly about her career and her brand, and gave some great advice to women entrepreneurs everywhere. I followed along via Twitter (thank God for hashtags!) and here are a few of my favorite quotes and takeaways: 

Heather paid back her $1 million dollar business loan in 2 years. 
"Your ideas are your money. Protect them."
The only other brand DVF carries is Yummie.
"If you doubt yourself, you're f****d."

Besides being a designer, personal stylist, entrepreneur, and mother of two, Heather Thomson is a real "girl's girl" and truly believes in women empowering other women. Lastly she has a heart of gold participating various charities and lending a hand wherever she can. The world needs more Heathers! 

Who or what is inspiring you this week? 


  1. Whenever I see an something like the 60 Minutes episode it really humbles me and puts things in perspective. And like you said, restores my faith in humanity for sure!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Couldn't agree more! The stories lately are incredibly inspiring.

  2. Even though I've seen RHONY a few times, I never knew that Heather is the founder of Yummie Tummie- that's pretty awesome! I love getting advice from cool/successful women like that. And just two years to pay back the loan? Amazing!

    xx Nina

    1. Totally agree! Truly inspired by her.