An Epic Unveiling


There's no doubt that fashion usually gets as much attention as say the actors and location selected for a film, but I never thought that same went for an animated film. Last Thursday, I had the chance to get a special "behind the seams" look at Blue Sky Studios soon to be released (My 24th!) 3D adventure comedy, Epic, where I got to see just how intense the process of "designing" for an animated film is.

The presentation began with a look at the movie, followed by Epic's art director Michael Knapp giving us a glance of the last four years of the movie's production. (Epic began production in 2009.) He explained the inspiration for the characters costumes and how nature played as the ultimate muse, since Epic is set in the forest. This ultimately meant that there was no holding back in the sources of artistry, with details and movements often overlooked or unnoticed by the human eye (like the sepals of a flower,) playing a significant part in a characters look.

Following Michael Knapp's presentation, designer Chris Benz then unveiled his dress inspired by the movie, made of a fabric that is exclusive to the film. Both Michael Knapp and Chris Benz sat down together to answer a few questions regarding the movie, the design process, and their collaboration. Chris Benz joked that every season in his studio, green often becomes a neutral, go-to color, so creating the dress for Epic couldn't have been more fitting. Both agreed that the design process is no easy undertaking, but in the end, it is all worth it. 

Needless to say by the end of the presentation, I was truly blown away by all of the details and work that went into making Epic one fashionable adventure. Between the fashion and the stylish cast, (Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Aziz Ansari, Colin Farrell, Beyonce to name a few), Epic is surely a fitting name for this film!  

For more pictures of the event, head on over to my Facebook page!

A huge thank you to Jennine and IFB for the opportunity! 


  1. I saw a preview of these when seeing The Great Gatsby this weekend–it was so visually amazing!

  2. Sounds like a fun event, I wish I could've gone but I was just so busy with finals blehh

    Great photos though, I will definitely be checking out more on your fb page :)

    1. Aw, man! It was fun, but I'm sure there will be others! Good luck with the rest of your finals/semester!

  3. The presentation and movie look incredible! Whenever I learn about the behind the scene projects on movies, I appreciate them 10x more. It was like that with La Vie En Rose for me. The process of aging Marion was such a task (the makeup artist actually won the Academy Award for Makeup) that when I went back and watched it again, the whole movie meant that much more to me.

    Although Epic isn't a movie that I would normally go see, all the beauty of the costumes and animation may make me change my mind :)

    xx Nina

    1. I agree 100%! I would normally look at a movie like this and be like "that's for kids!" but it is just so beautifully done, that I feel like it needs to be experienced in theaters.