Rainy Day Shopping


Unless they interfere with plans, I love a rainy day on the weekend. It gives me the perfect opportunity to curl up in bed and catch up on some reading, watch some of my favorite movies, and just chill. It also gives me the opportunity to partake in my favorite every rainy day pastime: online shopping. A few things I have ready to checkout...

skirt | Mossimo 
The criss cross skirt from Mossimo reminds me of this Helmut Lang skirt, but in a longer length.  While I love the HL version, I am not sure that I love it enough to buy it. Maybe the Mossimo one can be a "tester."

sandals | Mossimo 
I bought these sandals in gold a few weeks ago, not even realizing that they also came in silver. It's okay to buy them both, right?

jeans | Old Navy 'Rockstars
It's truly a shame that I am just now trying The Rockstar jeans from Old Navy, considering they were released when I was working there. I have always had the hardest time finding jeans for my height, but after picking up these pants a few months ago and these jeans this past week, I think the Rockstars may be "the one." Plus, they are on sale this weekend for $19!
I have had my eye on this bag for quite awhile now, and the fact that I have a credit and a Nordstrom Note burning a hole in my pocket makes me want to get it now. The thing is, while I know I will get a ton of use out of the Minkoff bag, part of me thinks I should get the Dooney & Bourke bag that I posted about back in March first, as it is more of a "summer" bag.  Suggestions?

Happy Saturday! What are your plans for the day/weekend? 


  1. Rockstar jeans are the best! Until they inevitably stretch out, fade, or the zipper breaks. I love that Rebecca Minkoff bag and it has been on my wishlist for a while too - but if the more Summer-y bag makes more sense for you right now, I say be practical!

    1. NO DO NOT TELL ME THIS! Loll. I do remember when i used to work there/wear the jeans, the sweethearts did that.

      I'm still on the fence, but I think I may get the Minkoff bag when Nordstrom has double points next week...

  2. I bought my first pair of printed Rockstars last month and finally wore them today! I LOVE the fit and you're totally right about them being ideal for tall girls.
    And I'd go with the Dooney just because I love and want one myself haha, but no really, I want one and the color of the leather is beautiful :)

    xx Nina

    1. That's what my mom said, because of course, I consulted with her. I am really torn! Can't I have them both?!?!
      I am going to order a few of the Rockstars later. So many colors at such a good price, I can't resist.