Karen Kane


As much as I am trying to live in the moment, and enjoy summer, in the midst of this heat wave, I cannot help but think of my absolute favorite season: fall.

Summer (especially at these temps) becomes such a one note, whereas fall has so much to look forward to. Great flats and boots, layers, chunky knits, the list goes on and on. So when I was given a sneak peek of Karen Kane's upcoming fall and Holiday collections, I couldn't help but fall absolutely in LOVE! The upcoming collections (Sapphire Sky, Taming Topaz, and Emerald Earth) embody everything I love about fall dressing from knits, to dresses, to great layering pieces.

I know its not nice to play favorites, but out of all three collections my absolute favorite has to be Sapphire Sky. (I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that Sapphire is my birthstone...) The reason? Well there's four: sequins, lace, fur and LEOPARD! Oh, and circle scarfs, because they are my number one go to fall accessory.

Check out these looks and more on Karen Kane's website.

The Maldives


I can't help that every time I hear Britney Spear's "I Wanna Go", I think about all the wonderful places I want to travel to next. And since it is on repeat on my ipod, itunes, in the car, and on my favorite channel Bravo, those thoughts happen quite often.

When I go on any trip, if its a choice, I absolutely must be by the water, or in very close proximity of it. So that is probably why I want to go to the Maldives so incredibly bad.
But besides being absolutely perfect and picturesque, the one thing I would love to do, and can only do in the Maldive's, is dine 16 feet underwater at Ithaa. 

I am trying my hardest to put the image of Free Willy breaking through the aquarium glass out of my head, and trying to replace it with the thought of how cool of an experience this would be! 

Did you know: The Maldives is the smallest Asian country in population and land mass? Good things sure do come in small packages!

My 2¢-Kate Middleton: Fashion or Style icon?


In today's Style section of the New York Times, there is an article about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge by Eric Wilson and her wardrobe seen on her and Prince William's North American trip. Besides going over her highlight wardrobe choices, and how her wardrobe choices sell out almost instantly (and how some of those wardrobe choices are quite affordable), the question was raised whether or not Catherine is a fashion or style icon.

I had to stop and think for a bit, about what either of those terms even meant. Since the article made mention of Amy Odell, editor of The Cut, and how she considers Lady Gaga and Willow Smith "fashion icons", it gave me insight in defining the terms.

So I figured: a fashion icon is one that wears fashions, whether it be a runway look, trend, or for shock and awe (ala Lady Gaga) whereas a style icon is more about the individual and "them wearing the clothes, and not the clothes wearing them". Their fashion choices are personal ones, wether it be current or not.

Whether Catherine is a fashion icon or style icon, I do think she is a great example to women when it comes to dressing and personal style. Here are some examples of what one can learn from the Duchess:
  • She dresses appropriately: Some say her style is "too conservative" or "Talbot's". However, she is a woman with a title and position that requires a sense of refinement and class. Running around town looking like Paris Hilton on a good day, is just not an option. When so many people I see can't even dress appropriately for a job interview, let alone the work place (oh, the things I have seen), I think Catherine gives great examples of what women can wear to look stylish and put together in the workplace
  • She knows when and how to take a risk: I'd like to see all of those naysayers that say the Duchess doesn't take risks, work a fascinator the way she does or a white dress. Definitely not for the faint of heart. 
  • She repeats pieces: Catherine was seen wearing dresses she has worn in the past as well as articles of clothing (like her Goldsign jeans) repeatedly. Because that's what people do when they go on a long haul trip/in their everyday life. 
  • She's a savvy shopper: She has got the high-low mix down pat, and wears affordable pieces by home country designers, further proving the point that high price tags doesn't equate style. In addition, Catherine is doing a great job of stimulating the home economy, since even the common folk can easily afford to go out and purchase the same items. 
  • She knows that it's okay to splurge a little every now and then: A classic Diane Von Furstenebrg dress? Check. A fabulous gown for an evening out? Check (OK it was probably borrowed, but you get what I mean.) When the occasion calls for it, splurging on a timeless article of clothing, or a piece that will make that big night just perfect is in fact OK! 

So what do you think? Is Catherine a fashion or style icon? Do you have your own definition of the two terms? 

Meditation at the MET


Whenever I get the chance, I love going to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Even though walking in feels like a game of Frogger to avoid everyone hanging out on the steps, once inside, its a great escape from the hustle and bustle. 

The Greek and Roman galleries are my favorite. Its definitely the gallery I visit the most, and some how always find something new, that I missed the previous trip. Seeing the human body in its purest, most natural form, is really fascinating. Well to me at least. Especially when it comes to the female form and seeing what was considered beautiful then, and comparing it to what people consider beautiful now.

While this recent trip to the MET was brief, here are a few favorites, old and new.

And now this picture: 
Notice the security guard on the left. 
I was trying my hardest to get the shot right, and here he comes giving me his best Top Model pose. 

Luke's Lobster


I can't quite remember how I came across/ heard about Luke's Lobster. But after checking out the website, and the reviews, i knew it was a must eat. Because I absolutely LOVE lobster.

Last summer, my family and I went up to Maine to visit my sister. On our last day, we grabbed some lobster rolls which were just AWFUL. Too much mayo, a ton of lettuce, and barely any lobster! You call yourself a lobster roll, and have barely any lobster? BLASPHEMY!

But at Luke's, its all about the lobster. 5-6 lobster claw's fresh from Maine, a delicious buttery roll, light seasoning, a light smearing of mayo. And even better, if you don't want butter, seasoning or mayo, they'll leave it out (which is perfect since I really dislike mayo).

Combine that all together and you get:

You will be hooked, I am certain. 

Busy bee + Etsy


Hey everyone!

Huge apologies for the lack of posts on le blog! My summer definitely took a turn that I didnt expect and ended up being way busier then I anticipated.

But more on that later :)

In the mean time, I'd like to share with you my bracelets in my brand new Etsy shop! 
You can visit the shop here:

And because I love you all, enter in FDL10 at checkout, for 10 percent off your purchase!! Also, any feedback would be great! 

Now its off to pack for the weekend. What do you all have planned for the long Independence weekend?? And if your Canadian, Happy Canada Day! And if you are from abroad, what are your weekend plans?
(I don't want to forget anyone!!) Wherever you are, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!