Luke's Lobster


I can't quite remember how I came across/ heard about Luke's Lobster. But after checking out the website, and the reviews, i knew it was a must eat. Because I absolutely LOVE lobster.

Last summer, my family and I went up to Maine to visit my sister. On our last day, we grabbed some lobster rolls which were just AWFUL. Too much mayo, a ton of lettuce, and barely any lobster! You call yourself a lobster roll, and have barely any lobster? BLASPHEMY!

But at Luke's, its all about the lobster. 5-6 lobster claw's fresh from Maine, a delicious buttery roll, light seasoning, a light smearing of mayo. And even better, if you don't want butter, seasoning or mayo, they'll leave it out (which is perfect since I really dislike mayo).

Combine that all together and you get:

You will be hooked, I am certain. 


  1. LOL! BOOOOO! They have shrimp and crab too!