Apple Picking


Growing up, the one thing I always looked forward to in the fall was taking the drive up to Masker Orchards in Warwick, NY to go apple picking. Working in retail the last few years meant that my weekends meant work, but this semester since I work only during the week, I now have my weekends to resume and enjoy such traditions.

I just love being away from the city and breathing clean air. It sounds crazy but I don't breathe when I'm outside of my house. Being around so many people and in such confined places, the last thing i want to do is inhale city air and germs. But being up in the mountains, I couldn't help but take deep breaths of nice, clean air. And of course eat apples till I explode.

Of course you can go and pick apples, but at the end there is the country farm where you can buy jams and butters, a pet farm for the kiddies, pumpkin patch and best of all, delicious foods like apple doughnuts and warm apple pie  with vanilla ice cream. 

The drive to and from the orchards is so relaxing. Seeing all the colors of the leaves, no traffic/crazy drivers is pure bliss. On the way back, we actually drove through New Jersey instead of NY and it was breathtaking. 


Skyline drive. 
I don't know how well you can see it, but behind those flags, is the NYC skyline. 

 Lastly, the best, best, best part of everything is the overabundance of apples and all the possibilities of what can be done with them. As pooped as I was from the day, I made apple cinnamon muffins.

What are your favorite fall traditions?

Backward Button Coat- Court Street, Brooklyn NY

Who Says Black and Navy don't Go Together?


I personally love black and navy together. Especially with a print or a pop of color, like Kourtney Kardashian did with the leopard shoes. Its simple, chic, and a fabulous, classic look. 

What are your thoughts on the color combo?

Kate Hudson, How Could You?


Remember how last month I RAVED about how much I loved this Prabal Gurung dress? :

Well, Kate Hudson decided she was going to wear it to an event and this was the outcome:


This breaks my heart, not just because I LOVE that dress, but because Kate Hudson is one of my favorite actresses and until now, she has never done me wrong. Keyword, until now.

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo


Now every girl can feel like a Disney Princess on her big day. Come 2011,  the  Disney Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo wedding dresses will be in stores nationwide. The dresses are based off the seven Disney Princesses, (Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Tianna), and are moderately priced from $599 to $1199. So now every girls fairy tale can come true (Prince Charming included...hopefully)

My favorite has to be the Snow White Dress (even though i absolutely HATED Snow White when I was younger. The witch gave me nightmares, and I refused to eat apples for fear of being poisoned.) 

screen shot skills 

My 10 Favorite Looks from Milan Fashion Week


Out of all the major Fashion Weeks, they rank as follows:
  1. Milan
  2. New York
  3. Paris
  4. London
Italian fashion has always been my favorite. The romanitcism, the sexiness, I truly love everything about it. When I was younger, I would read The New York Times Style section religiously, every Sunday, and in even more detail during Fashion Week. When it came around to Fashion Week(s), my favoirite looks were guaranteed to be from the house of Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Prada, DSquared and Miu Miu. While many NY designers hold a place in my heart like many of the greats of Milan, its Milan FTW overall.

Here are my faves (Picking 10 was really hard!!):


If you cant tell, they are my favorite and Im OBSESSED!

Salvatore Ferragamo



*all images via NY Mag