Old Navy Favorites


Old Navy has always been my go to place for basics, but never much else. Even when I worked there, I never shopped there much (shocking, I know). Sure, every now and then I'd find something spectacular that I just had to have, but those occasions were far and few between.

However, this season Old Navy has really stepped their game up! I find myself browsing online quite often and loving a lot of what I see! With  Friends and Family this weekend, I figured what better time to get my hands on some of those items that have been sitting in my shopping bag, at a great price?!

Here are my absolute favorites:

3. Asymmetrical-Hem Charmeuse Dress
(the asymmetrical hem and the color are giving me a total Devil Wears Prada moment)

Friends and Family ends November 8th! Happy Shopping!


  1. Oh I LOVE that dress! Go Old Navy!

  2. I agree! I never used to go there but now I find myself shopping at Old Navy for lots of things- great scarves and mittens (they're so adorable!), the best workout pants, and dresses! And like you said, you don't feel super guilty because everything is so reasonably priced :)

    Now... I'm off to stalk that sparkly tank on their website :) #notjoking

  3. Those are some pretty cute pieces. I agree they've gotten better...might have to stop there tomorrow! Thanks!

  4. I was half expecting it to be a flop, but it was really nice in person! And $!7!! 

  5. I'm so sad it was sold out when I went to order it. And now that F&F is over, it is back in stock! But yes, I love their workout clothes!!

  6. I hope you did and got some great deals! :)