Its the Great Pumpkin Spice Syrup DIY, Charlie Brown


Even though it's release was early this year due to the popular demand, I waited until the first day of fall to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Like apple picking, nothing says the start of fall quite like it.

While I truly enjoy my favorite seasonal beverage, in the long run its expensive, and, sigh, a bit high in calories, even made nonfat (70 calories in just whip cream? Yikes!). When I saw a recipe for a DIY pumpkin spice syrup on Foodgawker,  I jumped right on it as I already had a can of pumpkin in the pantry (saw it at Trader Joe's and figured it would come in handy, especially this time of year).
If your a PSL or just a pumpkin fan, you are definitely going to want to have this syrup on hand. It is extremely easy to make and nothing short of perfect. Even if your not a coffee drinker, you can still enjoy it with milk for a coffee-free latte, with milk and ice cream for a pumpkin pie milkshake etc. Topped off with a little whip cream and pumpkin pie spice*, its the perfect at home fall treat.

*So I had no idea "pumpkin pie spice" was a real thing, as in a product that people actually buy. I decided to make some just for the sake of having it for my PSL's, since we had all the spices on hand. I'm glad I did because a small jar sells for $6!!!! If your fortunate to have a Trader Joe's nearby its only$1.99, but seriously, make it yourself. Guaranteed, you already have the necessary spices on hand. 


  1. It is SO easy, and just as, if not better! 

  2. Yes we do!! :) I hope you do! 

  3.  my current obsession is pumpkin spice latte from starbucks.. NOW I can make them myself!!!
    Thanks for this :)

  4. I've decided that this weekend I'm going to be giving the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte another try! But your homemade version looks amazing- seriously, just like the real thing but in a way cuter mug :)

    And it is so funny that you should mention pumpkin pie spice. Since deciding to bake a pumpkin pie, I had to go out and buy all of the ingredients. Since I'm not much of a baker/cook, my spice selection consists of salt and pepper so I was at Trader Joe's and bought their pumpkin pie spice- lol it's sort of scary how similar we are!

  5. Definitely give it a try! If you like pumpkin pie, I think you would like the PSL!

    That is too funny about TJ's! Their pumpkin pie spice is a nice size, and most importantly a great price! I definitely think you should stock up on spices there since they have such a great selection! And salt and pepper are the essentials! Everything else is secondary.

  6. We have matching mugs :) I can't wait to use mine! Maybe this weekend when the weather cools off again!