Currently Watching: Pan Am


When I initially started to right this post, every sentence included a reference to Mad Men, but honestly, there is no comparison. Sure they are both set in the Sixties, are dramas, and have amazing wardrobe styling, but Pan Am is definitely in a league of its own. 

Why I love Pan Am
-It's nice to see a group of ambitious women, seeking out adventure and travelling the world, while having the job "a million girls would die for" (I know I would). No, I am not getting all feminist on you, but compared to most other shows about groups of women (cough Housewives, cough Bad Girls Club), its nice to feel inspired and not ashamed after watching.

-Air travel was SO glamorous back then! Oh, I wish for those days!

-Of course the stewardesses looked fab, but so did the passengers. When did this become the norm for air travel? Long gone are the days when people not just dressed up, but actually cared about their appearance.

-I also really appreciate that ABC took the time and did their research in conveying an actual portrayal of the Pan Am days. I really enjoyed watching this video and this one as well, of former Pan Am stewardesses recounting stories of the good old days of glamour and elegance. I also couldn't help but notice how FABULOUS all of those ladies looked. 

-Lastly, Pan Am does nothing for my wanderlust (which has been at an all time high lately). London and Paris in just the first two episodes? Be still my heart. 

Are you tuning in to Pan Am? Love it or loathe it?


  1. I absolutely LOVE this show! It is my new guilty pleasure! The way the women was just so glamorous back then. Every week, I tell my mom how much I wish I could have been a stewardess back in those days. To be able to travel and see the world...I'm convinced with as much as I love to travel now, I was a Pan Am stewardess in a former life LOL

  2. Yes I've been watching it too. I'm really liking it, for the reasons you mentioned and also because it could easily be a super cheesy show, and it doesn't seem to be so far.

  3. I am so glad that I listened to you and started watching! After seeing all of the other shows that premiered this season, I had thought I'd found my favorites, buttttt this one takes the cake! I mean the hair, the makeup, the fashion and just like you said, the wanderlust :) 

    And I completely agree about Pan Am showing ambitious women pursuing their dreams and seeing the world :)


    p.s. I so love your writing style- 'Be still my heart' ... so poetic!

  4. I hope it keeps up the way it has been going. I love the new twists to the story so far. 

  5. I am convinced I would have been a Pan Am flight attendant! Seeing the world, staying at fabulous hotels, and having your passengers be more like friends? And getting paid? Sign me up!!!

  6. It is really just such a dream. I think next week is Germany!!! 

    And thank you  for the complement :) 

  7. I so want to see this show.  I just don't know if I have time for another TV show!!! @GlamKitten88 

  8. Make time!! It is SO worth it!! 

  9. So I dislike the show, but I love all the clothes!  And I want a Pan Am bag really badly!

  10. Aww! I'm not sure if you know, but Marc Jacobs used to sell them as one of his specialty items for super cheap! I definitely regret not picking one up.