Born in the USA...


...and these are the only states I have visited. 

Sad, right? Needless to say, I need to will be traveling more in my own "backyard". 

There are many places I have always dreamed of going, and others that I discover from day to day, and wish to see. Here are the places that are at the very top of my list:

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go to the "best" coast. California has EVERYTHING! I for sure would love to see So Cal, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Wine Country, with a detour to Rachel Zoe's house somewhere in between. 

 Seattle, Washington
The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the home of my all time favorite, Starbucks.  

Chicago, Illinois
From the architecture to the deep dish pizza to the history. I love the cool, contemporary vibe that is the windy city. Also, I'd love to see the beach for myself.

New Orleans, Louisiana
 Without a doubt, NOLA is number one on my list. I love the history and culture of Louisiana, and how incredibly rich it is. From the music to the art and of course the FOOD! Po-BoysBeignets, I want to try it all. Most importantly, a trip to NoLa would not be complete for me without a trip to the Superdome to see the Saints in action.
Who Dat?

Does your wanderlust ever have you itching to visit places "in your own backyard"?

(Click here to make your own visited states map.) 


  1. I definitely think we did come to think of it!! I really think the SF trip would BE AWESOME!! I'm all for it!!

  2. I have never visited New Orleans, Seattle or Chicago, so you're not alone :) I too, would like to do more traveling in the U.S. as there are multiple places that I would love to see. I have been to California, but only the northern part, so I still hope to see San Diego, LA, San Fran and much more!!!! 

  3. I've been to a few places, but I definitely wouldn't say that I'm well-traveled in America. And didn't we talk about this once? How we both felt like we've traveled more outside of our country than in it? Yeah, I think we did... But you know what? We should plan a trip to SF together!!!

    That would be just about the coolest thing ever ... let's make it happen!

  4. You have to come visit MN, if only for the Mall of America :)

  5. Ahh samesies!! Ideally I'd like to get to every state, but we shall see! 

  6. OMG how could I forget about the MOA?  I always wanted to go after reading about it in a Babysitters Club book!

  7. Thanks! I envy your vast travel in the US but I highly suggest some international travel STAT!
    And I will def take you up on that offer! The more pictures, and stories/sights I see via blogs etc. the more I want to go to Chi town!!

  8. Visiting from 20sb.  I think it's great that you want to travel more in the US - there is tons to see!  Good luck on your list, and hit me up if you need some Wisconsin recommendations :).

  9. Thanks for the visit! And I definitely will, thank you!!

  10. SUCH A GOOD LIST! i have the opposite problem, i've never been out of the country but been to 44 states...ha...

    anyway! if you ever do make it through the windy city, gimme a ring!! you'd love it, i know it.

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