Banana Pancakes


I will never forget how my grandmother would always slice up bananas and put them in my Corn Flakes for breakfast when I was little. I never complained, but it was my least favorite breakfast in the world. Between the taste and the texture, I just never liked bananas.

Despite that childhood memory, I've been changing my mind about bananas. I really like banana bread and muffins. And these pancakes. So maybe, just maybe, we have turned a corner.

Breakfast can still be a hard meal for me despite it being the greatest thing that has helped my metabolism. Not eating it isn't the problem but more so not getting tired of what I eat which is the challenge. My love for these banana pancakes is not just a shock, but also a welcome change.

This recipe hails from an awesome Paleo and Gluten Free website, Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. I did adapt the recipe for one very ironic reason: to mask the full on taste of banana. OK, so maybe I'm not completely around the corner yet. BUT a bit of vanilla and some nutmeg in addition to the cinnamon makes these pancakes taste just like banana bread. Oh, and a few chocolate chips/cocoa nibs, if I'm feeling decadent.
Playing with my food...

Everything easily mixes together right in the blender and they are ready in a snap. Best of all, they freeze well which is perfect for lazy mornings/ a morning on the go!
That's not whipped's actually Greek yogurt that I piped out with a pipping bag!

JUST AN FYI: The original recipe makes quite a few pancakes. I use 1 banana, 1 egg, 2.5 tbsp of almond butter, spices I use to my preference, for a "single" serve breakfast and still have enough to freeze for another breakfast.