Transitions and Changes


Ever since coming across this quote, it has been my mantra of the week. I never realized how much of a transitional month September is, especially as a recent graduate. It has been weird with some of my friends going back to school, studying abroad, and I'm not. I guess you can say it has finally set in: I am a college graduate. I surely do not miss college and its many syllabi, overpriced textbooks and overbearing professors. Yet, it doesn't change the fact what was a routine for so many years, is no more.  There is one thing I can be sure of, onwards and upwards. Amiright?

Speaking of changes, I've made a few little ones around the blog. I've done away with the Disqus commenting system, and gone back to Blogger's. Also, the blogs gotten a makeover! (Huge thank you to Blair!) What I love most about the new layout is the "share" features at the end of each post. Don't be afraid to pin it, tweet it, or share it on Facebook!!

I have a few super fun things planned in the next coming weeks. Giveaways are always fun right?


  1. Your blog looks great! I'm in transition too- but instead of being a graduate, I"m going BACK to school haha

  2. Oh the transition period. I know that quite well. I transitioned from college graduate to a single year of life in the working world, back to 2 years of graduate school and finally working in a full-time job. It can be quite a roller coaster, but sometimes, a great experience.

    By the way, love the new look of your blog!!!! :)