Trip Essentials


My soon-to-be view: the Portland Headlight in Maine. 

Happy first day of summer! In a few short days I will be off  to my first destination of the summer, Maine. I can't wait for the fun, sights, and the food. Especially the food. 

The fact that I haven't made a list of what I'm bringing/ packed yet is very much unlike me, and it looks like I will be packing the day before I leave, which is again, very unlike me. No matter where I go however, there are a few items that always find their way with me, and are truly my essentials. Once I have them packed, the rest should be a breeze, and hopefully I won't over pack/pack a pair of shoes for every outfit...

The Pliage bags from Longchamp are such a staple for me, and the large travel bag is no different. It has become my go-to bag for toting back souvenirs and purchases on trips, as a carry-on, or a weekend/short trip bag. I am going to be super ambitious and attempt to pack everything I need for my trip in it. Ha, ha, ha.

I have no idea what I am packing clothing-wise, but I know for sure I will be bringing along a a black maxi. I've been living in this one from Old Navy and know it will be perfect for the six-hour car ride and again for a day of sightseeing.

A camera is a no-brainer, and with scenic views like the one above, I can't wait to take my Rebel on the road with me. I not too long ago purchased the Jill.e camera bag insert and I love it as it fits perfectly into a bigger bag and can hold my camera and two lenses. 

M.A.C.'s Big Kiss is one of my favorite glosses in general, but especially in summer, as it's the perfect shade of coral. I love it for day and night. 

I always like to pack a scarf for frigid AC, a chilly night, or to cover up in observance of a religious setting. Since the weather in Maine can be more on the cooler side, and I freeze easily, I am bringing a few of my favorite scarves to throw on when the temperatures drop a bit. 

Even though it's been a minute since I've used it, I now remember why I bought my Kindle and how perfect it is for travel. I can't wait to get into one of my summer reads while on the road. 
Just as essential would be my iPod (yes, I am still loyal to my classic,) with some new downloads and a playlist or two. (Lots of Kaskade, no shocker there, especially his newest single, Atmosphere.)

I have a few posts in my absence (read: posts that I had for this week...), including a guest post that I am SUPER excited about. Until next time!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love Maine–I'm so jealous! You must get a lobster roll while you're there, and take lots of pictures! Have so much fun!

    1. Thank you! I always get rolls when I'm here, but I have been SO spoiled by Luke's Lobster, that none of them compare lol.

  2. i would love to get to maine one day - i will live vicariously through your photos!

    1. You must! It's one of my favorite places. So beautiful and so much to do!

  3. So jealous! Have a wonderful trip! I've been living in that same black maxi :)

    1. Thank you Olivia! Come to think of it, I think YOU may be the reason I know about that dress to begin with!