Summer To-Do List


I was getting a little nervous that summer was taking a rain check, (literally) but since the temperatures are beginning to warm up again, I am starting to think that my favorite season has not been canceled after all. This post grad period has had it's moments, but I have a feeling that my funemployment is coming to an end. At least I hope and pray to God that it is. 

With my last few weeks, maybe months of freedom, and the official start of summer just days away, I'm making (yet another) list of things I hope to do and check off this summer. (You can check out last years list here, and don't be surprised if they look similar...)

Make some more headway on my 25 before 25 list.
See how New York does Bastille Day.
Try macarons. Again.
Get a glimpse of Manhattanhenge.
Go berry picking.
Learn to love the local beaches.
Get an ice from Ralph's.
Check out the Rain Room at MoMA before it closes.
Relive camp days by making s'mores...Paleo-fied of course.
Go to a baseball game. (The last time I went to a Met's game, it was at Shea Stadium...)
Take a trip down the (Jersey) Shore.
Go to a farm. Befriend the animals.
Eat my way through Smorgasburg. (Can't believe I've never been!)
Start making a cookbook with family recipes.
Do something completely spontaneous/out of my comfort zone, and roll with it. 

What is on your summer to-do ? Any trips or special things planned?


  1. YES to trying macarons again. The second time I had them was even better than the first. The new Mets stadium is great- I went last year! Even though they stink (and this is coming from a Mets fan by association), it's still fun to go to a game!

    1. Hahaha, I'm a Yankees fan, but have definitely gone to more Mets games in my life. I'm not really that into baseball, but I just love being in the stadium; the whole experience is just so fun!

  2. I love this list. And I can't believe I'm saying it, but I almost wish I could have one more summer of funemployment to get working on a list like this...! That being said, I have a feeling your funemployment will be coming to an end very very soon : )

    - Marie

    1. Marie, you are truly the sweetest! xx Unemployment blows, but come summer, its kind of a blessing.

  3. Yay for summer bucket lists! You MUST get yourself to Smorgasburg ASAP…it's just the best!

    1. I can't wait. Going with an empty stomach, full wallet, and stretchy pants.

  4. if you made friends with a llama i think you'd be even cooler. ;)
    4th of july weekend we are headed to zion and bryce national park so looking forward to that for sure.

    1. Ugh, love llamas! LOL. I will truly try my hardest.

      Love your plans for the Fourth! Especially since it's a nice long weekend this year!