Coconut Sugar and a Caramel Sauce Recipe.


I've heard of coconut milk and coconut oil. I've even given coconut aminos a try after discovering it was a gluten free alternative to soy sauce. But coconut sugar? This was new to me and I needed to know more.

A quick Google search lead me to a host of websites and blog posts raving about coconut sugar. As I kept reading, all of the articles I read mentioned two things: that coconut sugar was considered low on the glycemic index and that it was a healthier alternative to sugar. Yes, many will say that “sugar is sugar,” but since I know that all sugars are not created equal, I was intrigued, (and slightly bored of using honey and maple syrup as my sweeteners,) so I decided to pick some up at Whole Foods and give it a try for myself. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and opened the coconut sugar. It does not look, smell, or taste the way one would expect it to. It actually looks, smells, and tastes like brown sugar with the slightest hint of caramel. I was anxious to give it a try, so I used it to make the pumpkin spice syrup recipe I just love so much this time of year and it was a perfect substitution. Actually, it taste better. (Coconut sugar is used 1:1 as regular sugar, by the way.)
The slight hint of caramel in the coconut sugar made it perfect for caramel sauce, something I absolutely crave this time of year (salted caramel hot chocolate anyone?). My previous attempt at caramel was a total bust, but this recipe made it foolproof. It was actually easier than making caramel sauce with regular sugar which can burn and become a mess in an instant. I highly recommend making caramel sauce with coconut sugar even its just for the taste. Because it taste amazing. Straight out of the jar. With a (clean!) spoon. 


  1. Um, YUM! I'm convinced there's nothing better than caramel sauce!

    The Glossy Life

  2. I've not yet heard of coconut sugar either, but this looks really good!