My FNO (the novel)


Having done FNO the last two years, my plan for this year was to head to the Missoni for Target pop up shop, to check out the collection. I really loved the way they did the pop up shop for the Alexander McQueen Target collection back in 2009, and I couldn't wait to check out the collection.

Clearly that was the shared sentiment of many, as the line stretched from Sixth Avenue, all the way down 42nd Street, wrapped around the corner to Broadway, and then continued down Broadway to who knows where.
the line along 42nd Street, between 6th avenue and Broadway
the line stretching down Broadway
As we all patiently waited for 6 o'clock to arrive (the time the shop would open) to see how quickly the line would move, I kept myself entertained with Twitter and Tumblr. DVF was having a FNO Twitter contest, for those that tweeted "Be the woman you want to be #DVFNO", with the prize being her new DIANE by Diane von Furstenberg fragrance. I figured, "why not?" and tweeted away.

Soon, 8 o'clock approached, and things were pretty much at a standstill. As I was deciding what my next move would be, my phone vibrated notifying me I had a direct message on Twitter. It was DVF and I had WON! I really don't remember much after that, because I was so shocked, that I was shaking.  I said goodbye with the friends I had made waiting on line, and booked it to Time Square to catch a train downtown to the Meatpacking District. 

When I arrived in the Meatpacking District, it was ALIVE! The whole city was totally electric last night, but MPD took the cake! It was amazing! I arrived at DVF, and was soon met at the door by Liz, not just with a hello, but with a hug! The same when she brought me around the back to where the party was, and introduced me to Kate! Seriously, how wonderful is the DVF family?

After a quick chat, and some pictures it was time to enjoy the end of Estelle's concert. Even though I only got a little bit of it, she was AMAZING! Her energy was INCREDIBLE, with the entire room  dancing and singing along to her songs. It was a feeling like no other, and I couldn't have been happier to have been there.
the amazing Estelle
Kate from DVF and I
After chatting once more with Kate, and some mingling it was time for me to head home. Who else would I run into before leaving other than the one and only Kelly Cutrone. 

I couldn't have been happier with how the night went. Not only did I meet some incredibly phenomenal women, but I learned a very valuable lesson: to be the woman I want to be.

And who says fashion is superficial? 


  1. Congrats on the DVF win! This looks like such a fun, high energy event. I'm jealous!

  2. Thank you! It was incredible to say the least.

  3. Congrats on the DVF win!  Don't you just love it when that happens!  Can make your whole day!!  Especially when you're at FNO! YAY! 

  4. Especially on FNO! I couldnt have been happier. DVF FOR THE WIN!!