The Oscars!


Never mind the fact that I have not watched a single movie that is nominated or that I fall asleep half way through the show (so.long.), I can't wait for The Oscars and the red carpet on Sunday night. The Oscar red carpet is one of the best in my opinion, since it is the last big award show of the season, and the time when some of the best vintage and looks from the recent Fashion Week's get pulled.

A girl can should dream, so here's what I would pick to attend The Oscars.

When I think of impeccable gowns in beautiful hues, luxe fabrics, and incredible detailing, I immediately think of Elie Saab. I  absolutely love Elie Saab and think his couture gowns are nothing short of exquisite. Remember Mila Kunis at The Oscars in 2011? Exactly.

THE STATEMENT JEWELRY: Harry Winston Cluster Earrings
 Diamonds are a red carpet essential and Harry Winston is a no brainer. These earrings are the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful detailing on the dress and I love how the earrings and the pattern almost look identical!

THE SHOES: Jimmy Choo "Lance" Shoes
A simple, strappy shoe is the perfect pairing for such a detailed dress and the color is perfect to compliment the silver blue hue of the dress.
(And I've fallen so much in love with them that I am buying them.)

And last but not least, 
THE DATE: Another no brainer.
Bradley Cooper. Who speaks French. J'aime. 

Now it's your turn! What would be your picks for The Oscars?
And as always, I will be live-tweeting the red carpet and the portion of the show I am awake for.


  1. Oo I love your picks--especially that dress and the Harry Winston earrings! Have a fun Oscars weekend!

    The Cardinal Planner

  2. You MUST see Silver Linings Playbook! You will fall more in love with Jennifer Lawerence than Mr. Cooper!

    1. I will! She def found her way onto my girl crush list Sunday.

  3. Replies
    1. I swear I've been dreaming about it.

  4. that dress is absolutely gorgeous!! and i love your no brainer date, of course he is a no brainer for sure