Weekend-ing: Blizzard Edition


As the Northeast prepares for Winter Storm Nemo (what a name...) I too am preparing to hunker down for the duration of the storm. With the exception of Sunday, my plan to be as lazy and warm as possible, while catching up on some TV, reading, and the like. Here's how the weekend is looking so far:

ALSO! I will be attending and live-tweeting he Emerson show this Sunday! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram


I practically live in these Minnetonka slippers. Cozy and comfy. 

I've had The Beat Becomes a Sound, the latest album my favorite band Late Night Alumni, on repeat since it's release last week. LNA's sound will be the perfect accompaniment for the chill weekend.

I have a backlog of magazines (including last months InStyle...) that are just waiting to be read. Saving the March issue of InStyle for last as its huge and my favorite. 

I'm hoping the roads will be clear by Sunday and that the snow will keep people inside so I can get EVERYTHING!

What's a snow day without some baking? I can't wait to try these chocolate chip cookies from PaleOmg.

I've had the supplies to make a version of this necklace for forever. Now is the time. 

What are your weekend plans? Are you bracing for this winter storm as well?


  1. Ha ha yes bracing for Nemo, had to leave work early. Your weekend sounds great and I love that In Style cover it is awesome!

    Ali of


    1. I didn't get to it yet! InStyle is my favorite, so I was saving it for last.

  2. Replies
    1. Nothing like a snowed in weekend!

  3. This is an exact replica of my weekend. I hope you got your hands on some Prabal goodies!

    The Glossy Life

    1. Hahaha, I hopw you enjoyed it! I ordered some things when it went live Sunday morning! Can't wait till they arrive.

  4. I was going to ask what Prabal Gurung things you got but then I read your above comment :) I ordered some things too but was super disappointed that their sandals had sold out so quickly :( I'm hoping they restock? Might be wishful thinking...

    FashionEdible Blog

    1. I only got three things to start: the black dress in the first date print, the caged heels, and the yellow skirt. Apparently they won't be restocking online, but they will do a very minimal one in store.

  5. I can't wait for the Prabal Gurung line to go on sale! So many things I want to buy...

    That necklace is gorgeous, I can't wait to see how your version comes out.

    Chic on the Cheap

    1. There were a few items that I didn't order that I hope to pick up then. If it's around that long!

      And believe it or not I didn't get to start the necklace, but i hope to this week.

  6. Love the DIY necklace! I ordered all my PG online WITH 5% Target red card discount! Chicago's Jason Wu opening was CRAZY with stealing antics and bargaining! Too much to deal with again. Now it will be delivred to my door and I can return what I don't want! EASY!

    1. ME TOO! Haha, I love having a red card (though I sometimes wish the %off were a little higher...) My last collaboration debacle was Missoni and it almost completely turned me off from these collections. You better believe I will be meeting the UPS guy at the door!