Inspiration in Full Bloom


Yesterday, my family and I went to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx for our annual trip to The Orchid Show. I often forget and under appreciate just how much inspiration nature can provide. From the vibrant colors to unique color combinations, I found so much inspiration for home decor, future outfits, and upcoming design projects. After going through a bit of a creativity dry spell, I left with so many new ideas and just a slightly sniffly nose. 


  1. gorgeous photos- I'll have to put this on my lists of botanical gardens to visit!

  2. it's great to look to nature for inspiration, everything is so perfect and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pictures and so jealous you got to go the the Orchid Show!  I love orchids but seem to "kill" them with kindness!  And totally hooked on Instagram!  :)

    xo, sam