It's Carnaval!


As the countdown to Lent begins, many places around the world are celebrating with one last party: Carnaval!  It's no secret that I left part of my heart in Nice, so of course the carnival I want to experience the most is the Carnaval de Nice. Sure, Brazil is the biggest and most talked about celebration, but it's a bit too much T&A for me. Nice is the original, and nothing beats the original.

The Carnaval de Nice is comprised of the carnival parade, the flower parade, a parade of lights, in addition to lots of other entertainment from around the world. In looking at pictures from the past few years, it is amazing to see all the effort and work that goes into all the floats and costumes in conjunction with the overall theme (This years theme is "King of Sports" for this years Olympics.) 
*images of the carnival parade, flower parade and parade of lights via

"For over 15 days, the city hums to the rhythm of this genuine, fairy-tale event … get a passport for the celebration and let the magic do its work … come and forget the dullness of winter and take in the sun on the French Riviera!" 

Oh Nice Carvnaval website, how I wish I could...


  1. I had no idea that there was a Carnaval in Nice! But I agree, it seems way better than the one in Brazil... plus afterwards you can spend some time in Paris :) :) win-win if you ask me :) 

    And thanks again for instilling some serious wanderlust in me (sarcasm!).

  2. Oh how I wish I was in Nice....I am so with ya girl!!!!  Seeing that coastline in those pictures...ugh, makes me want to go back so badly!!!!

  3. we're celebrating carnaval here at home, with cheap champagne hahaha Nice looks like a lot of fun though!

  4. wow, those festivities look amazing - so wish i were there!

  5. Looks amazing!! Wish I could go ;)