People Watching at NYFW


With a few cancelled classes Friday, my scheduled opened up enough for me to head up to Lincoln Center and people watch with Gabriella. In general, I find people watching fascinating, but during Fashion Week it is truly something, both good and bad. The highlight (because there always is one) was seeing Tim Gunn. He was conducting an interview and even when he done, he was so sweet to everyone that came up to him, even though he was "late for work." Yes, I eavesdropped. But that's not the point...

On to the pictures! (click read more below)


  1. Reading this makes me so sad that I can't be there with you! Let's just plan on me being there this September, k? :) 
    Your shots are fabulous though, I'm really getting a feel for everything I missed. I love the girl in the puffer jacket with the fur trimmed hood...I've never managed to look that chic while trying to stay warm so that is great inspiration! 

    And yay for Tim Gunn- he's such a genuine person. :) 
    Happy Monday!

  2. LOVE these pics!!  Thanks for making me feel like I'm part of the action! LOL!