Gossip Girl's 100th Episode


I cannot believe it's been 100 episodes and 5 seasons of Gossip Girl. Since I am still trying to comprehend much of what happened on Monday night's episode (I won't spoil it in case you haven't watched it yet) I will focus on the the other most talked about aspect of the show besides the storyline: the fashion. 

Being such a grand episode, it sure did not disappoint. From Serena and Blair's opening number dressed as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn respectively, to Georgina's fabulous embellished Burberry coat, to of course, the bride (and bridesmaids) in Vera Wang, it was a hit. 

I love that Georgina wore a Phillip Treacy fascinator, popular by many of the attendees of the Royal Wedding. 
Fresh faced, yet still very Blair with the lip color.
images via: 1&23, 4, 567

If you watched the 100th episode, what did you think? Are you still as shocked as I am??


  1. Wow, I can't believe that show has been on that long. Especially since I've never watched a single episode, haha.
    But it looks like a fashion lovers dream, and they seem to have a lot of sartorial fun!

  2. I'm still wondering WHY Blair didn't slap Louis. 

  3. i'm pretty happy with the 100th GG episode as I found the story line starting to fade. This definitely brought back some of the colour in the story 

    {spoiler alert} I'm surprised they revealed the 'supposed' identity of gossip girl. This kind of makes me think that there's multiple gossip girls or back when gossip girl got hacked, the security measure never got fixed. And I'm appalled at the ending of the wedding in terms of events and character of a mr. character - I wonder how B will get out of this. She always gets the rotten side of things at the end :(

  4. Alyssa!!  I was dying to watch it, and then I died after I watched it!  LOVED every single moment of the show, and of course all the fashion!  And, NO, I can't believe what happened!  Ugh!  Can't wait till tomorrow!  Hope your weekend is going well!

    xo, sam

  5. Do you think Blair called on Dan because she "likes" him or just as a friend? I thought it was a great episode, Damn that Louis!

  6. I still hope Blair ends up with Chuck LOL.