Hot Chocolate Blocks


I can't help but laugh how I go from loving the fact that it felt like spring last week, to loving the fact that it's going to snow this weekend. Maybe that's because one winter "activity" I have been missing out on is curling up in bed, wearing over sized flannels and reading magazines all day, with the perfect cup of almost mandatory hot chocolate.

I became curious about these hot chocolate blocks after seeing them pop up on my search for awesome DIY gifts over the holidays. I was so intrigued, I decided they would be the perfect Christmas gift for my sister and luckily for me, there were a few left over for me to give them a try myself. I used this recipe* and as soon as I tried it, I just knew that it was a keeper. It is true chocolate goodness and way better than the powdered stuff. If you are a chocolate lover like me, you may find yourself eating more of these chocolate blocks than actually using them for hot chocolate, they are that good.

Whether or not the snow decides to fall, I will probably still spend the weekend curled up in bed, wearing over sized flannels, reading magazines all day, and drinking a cup of perfect hot chocolate...

*(One tip I'd like to pass on: make sure you mix the heavy cream and condensed milk very well before warming. I did not and the condensed milk started to caramelize and burn! I had to work fast to strain the mixture to remove the burnt bits, but after that, all was well.) 

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  1. You really need to move to Phoenix so you can come over and be my personal dessert chef...totally legit idea, right? Seriously though... when are you visiting? We would have so much fun baking together! 


    p.s. Doing the exact same thing this weekend :) except it's not really that cold here... haha