Shades of Blue.


FOREVER 21 trench and jeans, OLD NAVY chambray shirt, NINE WEST flats, MY ETSY necklace, LONGCHAMP tote

I can't believe just last week the temperatures were flirting near 60 degrees! That little flirtation of spring in the air meant two things for me: wearing a light jacket and breaking out the flats. I forgot just how much I missed wearing flats! It must have been a sight to see, with me in a light jacket and semi exposed feet, and everyone else was in puffer coats/boots/etc. But now that the temps are feeling a bit more winter like, I'm glad I took the chance to embrace "spring" when I did. 

Another thing I am really glad I "embraced" was the look of denim and denim. I have a feeling come spring/summer, this is a look I will be wearing a lot, with different shades of denim. 

What's the first item you throw on when the weather warms up? Try any new looks lately? 


  1. I love the denim/denim look.  When weather warms up for me I automatically gravitate towards nautical looks.  I don't know why but it's my fave!

  2. I love the denim on denim look but so far have still turned up empty on the chambray shirt hunt. The simplicity of this look is great- it's very Americana & looks effortless. 
    And I know what you mean about ballet flats. I've been living in the dress, tights, boots combo all season, so it's definitely time for a switch up. Good thing too, since the weather has been super warm and lovely :) 


  3. Denim is timeless! I bought a denim jacket a month ago and I can't WAIT until it feels more seasonally appropriate...

  4. Okay, seriously, we are on the same wavelength!!  I didn't do denim on denim, but I did shades of blue!! :)