Adventures in Macaron Making, Part III: Fin


Welcome to the third and final installment of Adventures in Macaron Making, where yours truly finally perfects the art of making the French macaron, while remaining graceful and composed. You can read part one of the series here and part two here.

I did it! After two previously unsuccessful attempts, I finally made macarons this past weekend. 

After my last attempt at macarons back in March, Alyssa over at The Glossy Life so kindly sent me an email with a tutorial from Pastry Pal that she had successfully used to make macarons. (This, my friends, is what I love blogging: the community.) Even though she sent me the email months ago, I pored over the tutorial packet on occasion, just to make sure that when I did give them a try again, I had the steps down in my head. Despite my prep, when I set out to make them, I was actually nervous! I really just wanted to finally get them right.

But it would all pay off because in a few hours, I had my macarons. Compared to the other recipes I've tried, this one was not just the most direct, but the least complicated. No folding the batter 49 times or aging off egg whites for 36+ hours. There were a few differences in this recipe like the way the flour and egg whites are incorporated and letting the macarons sit out to form a shell, but I think these steps, especially the latter, were what made these macarons a success. 

If you have ever thought of making macarons or thought they were too hard, you NEED to download the tutorial from Pastry Pal. It really couldn't be easier. I'm already planning to make more macs in a few weeks. Naturally, I am thinking something with Nutella...

kinda broke this one. oops.

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