Hello Fall


Happy Fall everyone! Now that fall is finally here (and I've started restocking my closet with some necessary basics), I am ready to shop, and get into all of the fun of my favorite season. Hell, I may even go to Starbucks and order myself a pumpkin spice latte! (JK, I don't consume pumpkin anything until at least the end of October...)

Impatient me has already taken a few items out of storage (like this blazer), and put a few things away (namely shorts and sandals), but I can't wait to make the "official" closet change over. Here are a few reasons why this my favorite season to shop/dress for:

1. It means being able to wear the staple piece in my uniform, blazers, (comfortably) again.
2. Leather and faux-fur.
3. Chunky sweaters and boots.
4. All black, all the time. 
5. My favorite dark, vampy polishes like Essie Wicked.

When it comes down to it, fall really is my comfort zone of dressing. Dark colors and clothing that resembles my favorite blankets? Yes, please. 

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