One of Those Perfect NYC Weekends...


I am still laughing and reminiscing (and recuperating cause I'm old) from the whirlwind that was this past weekend. The best part of the long weekend was getting to see a few of my friends from elementary/middle school including my friend Andrea, who was in town from Seattle for a few days. 

Andrea and another classmate from out of town planned a reunion since it's been a long while since we've all seen each other. But after seeing the "attending" list on Facebook, I was dead set on not going. Not knowing the backstory, it may seem a bit childish. But if you've ever had a tough time in school and been bullied (and to a physical extent,) there are just some people that you just never want to see again, under no circumstance. (Unless there is a million dollars involved...)

I was really sad to miss out, but I didn't want to miss out on seeing Andrea, so we made other plans for the day. We met up earlier in the afternoon (along with two of her friends who were super sweet!) had lunch and observed the beauty of Grand Central station (we even saw a couple get engaged!), shared macarons at Laduree, and enjoyed window shopping down a very quiet Madison Avenue.  I was really enjoying the afternoon and as fate would have it, there was a cancellation by said attendee.  I never told Andrea why I wasn't attending, but once she told me the news, the cat was out of the bag. I couldn't be happier that I could now attend the reunion, with no worries. It was so great catching up with everyone, bowling at Lucky Strike, having dinner at Sea, walking The Highline (my absolute favorite place!), and just enjoying the city on a beautiful summer night. From all the food, to the laughs, to the perfect twist of fate, I really could not ask for a better weekend to end the summer with. 

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