Snowed in!


The first snowstorm blizzard of the season and the last of the year has hit NY.  

I love snow days. I love the whole idea of being inside, enjoying hot chocolate, catching up on movies, TV, magazines, reading and most importantly staying warm. Braving the elements; not quite my thing.

Nothing is more beautiful to me in winter than the first day after a snowfall, before it turns yucky from dirt (and other things). The way it glistens in the snow and off the trees, and just how pure and peaceful it makes everything.  Kaskade's Still Still Still has pretty much become my snow day anthem as it reflects my snow sentiments perfectly:

What are your favorite snow day activities? Do you like to go outdoors or enjoy the snow from inside?


  1. I can't believe how much snow you guys got. Insane!

    I love not showering, staying in my PJs and watching a marathon of movies. :)

  2. Everyone else keeps talking of cabin fever. Im in heaven. Its pure bliss