L.L. Bean Wellies


Cyber Monday gave me a reason and an excuse to just shop till I dropped (or till I ran out of money).
I figured while I was on my shopping binge, I might as well start stocking up for winter. Last year it snowed quite a bit, and as much as I love them, in slippery, slushy conditions Ugg's just don't cut it due to the lack of tread. I remember walking from school to Starbucks one day, and slipping on slush off the sidewalk and into a puddle! (Not fun, but I think I did so with grace). I figured rain boots would be a great, practical choice for the snow, since there would be no fear of water damage, or slipping and sliding in slush, and of course the rain. 

I was super impressed that I made placed my order on Monday, and my boots arrived in the middle of the monsoon that took place in NYC on Wednesday! But the best part was:

Woohoo!! Me love a great deal

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