Designers make suggestions for Kate Middleton's wedding dress


Its no secret that bridal anything is one of my obsessions. Since the announcement of the  royal engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, there has been much speculation as to who she will pick for her big day, as well as what type of dress she will wear. After all she has big shoes to fill, in terms of the wow factor (i.e. Princess Diana's 25 ft train).

Please do not think I am being disrespectful to any of these designers, because it is not my intention, and  because I truly love many of them. But in my opinion, a designer wedding dress shouldn't be something that you would see, say in an editorial piece or as a show stopping piece during Fashion Week. It should be about the day it represents: romantic, flowy, classic. A girl dreams about her big day for as long as she can remember...why should she be dressed like a pirate?

Ok, enough of my personal ranting, here are some of the suggestions:

Here are the ones that had me a bit...confused:
Pirate bride
Also think it looks like Lindsay Lohan

Rachel Roy
In mourning

Baroque-era bride

However, I absolutely LOVE the following:
Flowy, romantic, elegant

Simple, yet extremely elegant

Monique Lhullier
Are there every any other words for Lhullier besides breathtaking?

So what are your thoughts? Check out all the designer suggestions on Shine from Yahoo here.

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