October 15th aka the Day Ed Westwick Bumped into me


I seriously didn't want to post anything because I was honest to God deathly afraid the Gossip Girl/CW/Warner Brothers police would come after me.

But I figured since the episode is airing on Monday, that it was OK.

Gossip Girl came to film for a second time at my school. Back in April, they used various parts of my school to film the episode where Dorota gave birth. Again, they shot another hospital scene, leaving us all wondering what is going to happen?!

October 14th: Setup

Computer station turned into a nurses station


October 15th:
Dear Diary,
Ed Westwick bumped into me.
I was DYING to see the complete setup, and well, who was there. In between classes,  I tried to play it coy as I passed through the lounge where they were setup and filming, to get into the library. After loitering around the library for a few minutes, I decided I had to get out and go to class. As I was about to head out, through the glass doors, I caught a glimpse of a man in a lavish purple coat. A quick side glance, and it was him.
It was Ed Westwick.
Ed. Freaking. Westwick.
Well I started to panic, and in order to not freak out completely, I bbm'ed my friend to see if she was in school yet, and to let her know who was here.
And as I was walking out, then it happened. 
Ed Westwick bumped into me. 
Being so caught up in my messaging, I went to apologize, and froze as this creature of a man, who in a smooth English accent replied "Oh, Sorry!"
I am blithely unaware when or how I made to class, or how I managed to take a History midterm ( I ended up getting a B for Bass). After leaving school for the day, the stars of the show were going in and out for lunch and such. I saw Leighton Meester running around with her new pup, but she was too far to get a picture. 

one of many cast trailers

Penn Badgley

Matthew Settle

Kelly Rutherford heading back to her trailer

Ed Westwick leaving his trailer and done filming for the day

Kelly Rutherford heading back to film

I was sad however that Blake Lively was MIA (apparently she filmed over night, and flew to LA Friday morning).  I can't wait to see the episode come Monday.  On another note, is anyone else completely sick of Juliet/Vanessa/Racoonface? Thankfully, SkankMomsen has been placed on indefinite hiatus. 

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