The Great UGG debate


I can't believe that people still get so butt hurt over UGGS.


Let me clarify: I know not everyone in the world will love everything I do and I am so OK with that (its what makes the world go round, right?). What I am referring to are people that essentially are (or think they are) "fashion snobs", who think Uggs are beneath them, and actually frown upon and make comments toward people who do (I wish this weren't so but yes I do know people like that).

OK they aren't the most attractive pieces of footwear (I do love the pair Blake Lively has on) but when its below freezing and I'm forced to leave the house, I want something that is comfortable and that will keep me warm.  For commuting and sitting in class all day, they are a godsend. You wont wear them for a night out on the town, or to the opera, but that's not what they are for. They are a functional item and meant to serve one purpose, to keep my tosies and legs warm.

Also, while most people wear the classic style, there are so many other styles for people to choose from, that are *gasp* stylish AND warm. And even if you do choose the classic pair, do as Tim Gunn says and make them work! Put in the effort and they can look cute.

In summary, don't knock it, till you've tried it. Guaranteed you'd be surprised if you did.

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