DIY Gift Ideas


After taking a look at the calendar (LOLZ Christmas is like tomorrow,) I figured it was about time I get a move on with my Christmas shopping. For some reason this year, I have been a little stumped, but browsing Pinterest gave me an idea: why not DIY? 

In my browsing, I came across some really awesome DIY idea's and just had to share them with you all. Besides being totally awesome, the majority of them are under $25 and can be finished in time for Christmas!
1. An Anthropologie-esque necklace is one chic statement piece; they won't believe its handmade!

2.  Make and personalize this leather journal for anyone on your list.

3. This license plate key holder is great to remember that first car or a flea market/travel find.

4. These monogrammed hand towels are super luxe, at a fraction of the cost.

5. This sunburst mirror looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Can you believe its just popsicle sticks?

6. Don't just give the same old tie, give one that's personalized

7. Map coasters are a great reminder of that last trip or hometown.

8. Some thumbtacks, canvas, and paint create a one of a kind wall hanging of their favorite quote or saying. 
(Another great alternative is this DIY from ..Love Maegan)

And because I can't leave out the kiddies:
Fabric paint or an iron on applique on a onesie or tee shirt, make a one of a kind gift they'll always want to wear. 

For more DIY's check out Martha Stewart and Pinterest


  1. Great ideas!!!

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  2. these are great- I like the sunburst a lot!

  3. ShareenaShaharruddinSeptember 5, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    great ideas! I am pretty clueless about gift giving!

    And uh, yeah, Christmas...LOLZ indeed! I have only bought like, 2 presents of the 10 on my list...frick!
    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  5. Okay, so is it really bad of me to want to make all of these gifts for myself? Yeah, probably... but on the bright side, I wouldn't be spending that much money... yeah, still a bad idea...

    Oh, and now I just need to find a cute baby to make the onesies for!

    p.s. Keep these holiday posts coming! Really liking them :) 

  6. I have a feeling I will be making a lot of these for myself over break too! 

    I'm glad you like the posts!! 

  7. As do I! And so easy!

  8. Aww, thank you Marie! 

    And YES! I got 2 gifts and was like wow, that was work!

  9. Thank you! I hope it was maybe helpful!

  10. Then you definitely need to make them!! 

  11. I have been wanting to make some map coasters!  Such an awesome idea, especially since I LOVE to travel!